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Über Star Films

The Star Film Company is exactly the production house you would expect; fine-tuned, bad-ass, unafraid, applauded and accoladed.
We at the Star Film Company are committed to the ever-evolving craft of filmmaking. Be it big time movies, full on commercials, controversial music videos or get-it-done-NOW internet content, everything we touch turns to magnificence. Established in 2003 by [then] young guns Adam Thal and Ryan Poole, the company has grown in the way that aspiring filmmakers would dream of. Tristan Holmes boarded ship in 2008 and launched his commercials career. We are driven by passion bordering insanity, coupled with creativity in all senses [budgets included] there isn’t room for anything other than pride for our work. Having successfully cocooned the freshest and extraordinary talent found in South Africa, our roster of directors is star-studded.
We can work anywhere in most ways, and our home turf offers advantages you can’t disregard; the epic beauty of Cape Town and the hustle of the Joburg city are only two reasons of the many, many reasons to make your astounding projects with us. 


2016 has been a great year for The Star Film Company.

Tristan Holmes started the year with a really great job for Network BBDO for their client Coronation. Shot over 7 days in Cape Town, South Africa, the job was a resounding success and was shortlisted for best directing craft at the 2016 Cannes Lions. Not only was he the only South African directing craft finalist but was actually the only South African finalist in the television category. Thanks to #Network again for trusting us with such important work. Congratulations Martin de Thurah & Epoch Films on the Grand Prix and Daniel Wolfe and Frederic Planchon from Anonymous Content for their Golds. 

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