TitelReebok x Cardi B: Nails
Kampagne Reebok x Cardi B: Nails
Werbende Reebok
Marke Reebok

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GeschäftsbereichNur für Abonnenten
Medientyp Fernsehen
Schauspieler C...i . Nur für Abonnenten
Head of Marketing M....ie B....en Nur für Abonnenten
Werbeleiter M....ie B....en Nur für Abonnenten
Marketing Director I..a S...ta Nur für Abonnenten
Advertising Director ..y Ma......llo Nur für Abonnenten
Werbeleiter C....in Su....an Nur für Abonnenten
Werbeleiter J...s W....rd Nur für Abonnenten
Werbeleiter C...s St....an Nur für Abonnenten
Werbeleiter A...ey T...r Nur für Abonnenten
Chairman P..l Ve....es Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Creative Director W..l Mc.....ss Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Director B...n ..l R....io Nur für Abonnenten
Art Director V...or ..a Nur für Abonnenten
Texter ..m B...r Nur für Abonnenten
Director of Integrated Production H...ry C...e Nur für Abonnenten
Filmproduzent/Produzent M....ie F....ok Nur für Abonnenten
Etatdirektor K....in ..i Nur für Abonnenten
Brand Director J....ca ..u Nur für Abonnenten
Brand Manager P....ce B....ll Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Resource Manager J...y Li.....on Nur für Abonnenten
Leiter Strategie M....el Da....on Nur für Abonnenten
Strategist D...n Ph....ps Nur für Abonnenten
Director of Business Affairs Qu....An P..n Nur für Abonnenten
Business Affairs Manager S....ta G...ia Nur für Abonnenten
Traffic Manager Je....ia H....ng Nur für Abonnenten
Regisseur A....as N....on Nur für Abonnenten
Direktor Fotografie A...is Z..e Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer H...y V..a Nur für Abonnenten
Herstellungsleiter G...e B...e Nur für Abonnenten
Produktionsleitung Me....es A...n S...ia Nur für Abonnenten
Produktionsleitung R...el G...b Nur für Abonnenten
Produktionsdesigner A...is R..s Nur für Abonnenten
Redaktionsbüro ..t ..d ..n .A Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter ..n Ca....ll Nur für Abonnenten
Assistenzredakteur R...n D....za Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer D...ne M....ng Nur für Abonnenten
Tonstudio B....ng ..l Nur für Abonnenten
Komponist J...b P...se Nur für Abonnenten
Mix M..e Fr....in Nur für Abonnenten
Mix .J M....lo Nur für Abonnenten
VFX Producer An.....ia ..n R..l Nur für Abonnenten
Spezialeffekte K...e B....ey Nur für Abonnenten
Spezialeffekte J...s B..k Nur für Abonnenten
Spezialeffekte M....ie ..y Nur für Abonnenten
2D-Lead M...in Ka....on Nur für Abonnenten
3D Lead J...n Mo....er Nur für Abonnenten
3D Lead J...e M....el Nur für Abonnenten
Kolorist G..g R...e Nur für Abonnenten
Color Producer L..a K...in Nur für Abonnenten

Über Venables Bell + Partners

Venables Bell + Partners is a San Francisco based advertising agency guided by core values of honesty, fearlessness and independence, and proud to work with clients including Audi, Chipotle, Westin and Renaissance Hotels, and 3M. VB+P has been included in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List, named one of AdAge’s top ten A-List agencies and Best Places to Work, and Adweek’s Breakthrough Agency of the Year. 


Venables Bell + Partners Brings on Head of Growth and Marketing, Brittni Hutchins

Independent agency Venables Bell + Partners announced today the hiring of Brittni Hutchins as Head of Growth and Marketing. Hutchins is returning to the agency to lead new business and marketing efforts and will be joined by Taylor Cheek, who will become the New Business Marketing Coordinator. These newly created roles speak to the current momentum of the agency under the leadership of President Kate Jeffers. The pair will work closely with Jeffers to help fuel current new business momentum and agency growth. 

“It's a really exciting time for VB+P, as we’ve recently launched new capabilities, won new accounts, brought on new talent, and sharpened our positioning as an agency,” said Jeffers. “Brittni brings a wealth of experience and the added benefit of knowing us well, so she will help us drive growth that is consistent with our values. Taylor brings incredible talent, passion, and energy to the team. I know they will both make a huge impact on the agency as we continue to seize on the opportunities in front of us and to drive outsized impact in partnership with our clients." 

Hutchins’ background spans both new business and brand management roles. In her 15-year career she has developed key client relationships, run award winning creatively-driven accounts, and helped diversify and expand the rosters of top east and west coast agencies. This dual role has developed her ability to seek new business opportunities that are truly a strong fit and allow for healthy and successful day-to-day working relationships. Hutchins most recently served as Head of Business Development and Group Brand Director at 72andSunny, where she was responsible for revenue growth across all departments of the agency’s New York office as well as running significant client partnerships, such as Carl’s Jr. Hardee’s, Facebook, General Mills, Seventh Generation, and Samsung. Prior to 72andSunny, she was a Co-Department Head and Senior Account Director at barrettSF, where she led accounts including Omaha Steaks, Gallo, 2K Games, and MLB.  Earlier in her career she did her first stint at Venables Bell + Partners, and was instrumental in leading the Intel global, Orville Redenbacher’s, Slim Jim, Healthy Choice, and Google brand partnerships.

Cheek brings with her experience in digital marketing, visual merchandising, and retail sales. Prior to joining VB+P, she held an apprenticeship at COOP, where she developed skills in search engine marketing, keyword optimization, and SEM digital marketing. She also worked for Nike for five years as a visual merchandiser, where she led daily operations and tasks to maintain brand standards on the sales floor, and trained staff on styling and sales techniques that ensured cohesive brand storytelling throughout the retail environment. Cheek utilized KPI reports to develop store layout plans that facilitated customer interaction with products and services, and implemented new merchandising strategies that increased sales conversion rates by 10%. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State University.

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