TitelThe World’s Shortest Test Drive
Kampagne The World’s Shortest Test Drive
Werbende Kia Motors
Marke Kia Sorento

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Founder / Chairman D...d A...lo Nur für Abonnenten
President Y..i Pr....ce Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Creative Director M..k Ko....en Nur für Abonnenten
Group Creative Director/Art Director J..n O...a Nur für Abonnenten
Group Creative Director/Copywriter S...e C...ke Nur für Abonnenten
Texter C...b N...rg Nur für Abonnenten
Art Director P...r W...on Nur für Abonnenten
Managing Director of Broadcast Production P..l Al....se Nur für Abonnenten
Business Affairs Director N....ha R....na Nur für Abonnenten
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Associate Director of Project Management G...e L..a Nur für Abonnenten
Projektmanager P..l St....ns Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Resource Manager N..a P..a Nur für Abonnenten
Geschäftsführer J..f M...r Nur für Abonnenten
Etatdirektor ..y Ma.....ly Nur für Abonnenten
Management Supervisor K...e Le.....rs Nur für Abonnenten
Account Executive Assistant S...m C....ns Nur für Abonnenten
Account Coordinator N..k J...er Nur für Abonnenten
Product Information Manager M..k M...ul Nur für Abonnenten
Managing Director, Integrated Production P...r B....tt Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Digital Producer J....ne K....an Nur für Abonnenten
Produzent Digital Ge.....ve S..h Nur für Abonnenten
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Digital Account Executive Ga.....la M...ad Nur für Abonnenten
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Regisseur J...an S...h Nur für Abonnenten
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Executive Producer Jo....an C...io Nur für Abonnenten
Produzent S..n S....ki Nur für Abonnenten
Direktor Fotografie J...an S...h Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter A..m B...ht Nur für Abonnenten
Editorial Executive Producer Jo....an C...io Nur für Abonnenten

Über David&Goliath

We are David&Goliath, an integrated creative advertising agency. We’re a true challenger agency. It’s in our name and DNA. We believe there is a challenger in all of us. And that being a challenger is a mindset, not a market position. Our mission is to help inspire people and brands to embrace their challenger spirit to unleash their true potential. Our philosophy and guiding principle is Brave. Brave is having the courage to embrace who you are and live it every day. Brave is our filter for everything we do. From how we inspire our people to bravely take on their biggest fears, to the 10 Brave Ways that guide us, to Today, I’m Brave, the non-profit we created to inspire people all around the world. When your name is David&Goliath, you can’t help but live the challenger spirit every day. And we do this by developing ideas that challenge the status quo and defy category conventions. We help our clients step into their own bravery by taking smart, calculated risks in order to overcome their Goliaths and achieve greatness. 


California Lottery’s Pac-Man Scratchers® Takes It To The Next Level By Taking You Back In Time

It’s time to pull out your neon leg warmers, track suits and fanny packs, and rock out to your fav mixtapes. California Lottery is giving us something to look forward to by taking us back to the carefree and colorful 80s. Created by David&Goliath, California Lottery’s latest campaign, “Play On A Whole New Level” is introducing the first-time launch of Pac-Man Scratchers, bringing the game to new levels through this highly anticipated collaboration of two popular brands through this partnership.


In the acid-washed jeans decade of the 1980s, Pac-Man, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, revolutionized the world of video gaming. From fostering a love for the game with new audiences, to creating its own merchandise and TV shows, Pac-Man took over the world—and remains as legendary today. Continuing its legacy, California Lottery’s Pac-Man Scratchers family of $2, $5, and $10 tickets will appeal to adults of all ages who revel in the pop culture icons of the popularized decade.


“For those who remember the heyday of the 80s, it was one of the greatest pop culture decades ever. Some of the best movies, TV shows, music and video games came from this era and Pac-Man made video gaming history,” said David Angelo, founder and creative chairman of David&Goliath. “With this new Scratchers campaign, California Lottery recreates the excitement of the 80s and gives players a whole new level of gaming experience that’s both nostalgic and highly entertaining.” 


Launched on September 14 and aimed at Californians 18+, the centerpiece of the fully-integrated campaign is a :30 spot [YT LINK HERE], which captures the essence of this totally tubular time including BMX bikes, leg warmers, and big hair—all to the iconic Simple Minds hit “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” 


“We’re incredibly excited to be launching a campaign that embodies all the fun and optimism we represent as a brand. It’s our way of bringing a smile and some extra entertainment to our players—something we can all use a little more of right now,” said Sharon Allen, Deputy Director, Sales & Marketing at California Lottery. “This product launch will also play an important role in our ongoing mission to generate supplemental funding for California public education.”    

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