TitelUnapologetically Human
Kampagne Unapologetically Human
Werbende Kruger Inc.
Marke Cashmere®, Purex®, SpongeTowels® and Scotties®

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Über Broken Heart Love Affair

Broken Heart Love Affair. We are in love with an industry that’s constantly crushing our fragile hearts. It’s exasperating. It’s demoralizing. It can hurt so much. But, we push through. We know what is possible, what greatness feels like. Maybe it’s all very romantic, but we’ve all been there before. We’ve seen with our eyes and felt with our own hearts just how a simple and powerful idea can transform people, solidify communities, and build markets. How it can excite some of the most cynical of industry people and inspire the most jaded of clients. It can make icons of mere mortals. There’s a magic in the potential that stirs our passion. It’s a drug we chase every day - to make everyone love advertising as much as we do; we love the heartache. It’s a love affair that none of us are willing to walk away from.


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