Kampagne The Delicious Crew
Werbende Wienerschnitzel
Marke Wienerschnitzel

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INNOCEAN is an agency that develops creative driven by insights, not by instinct. This shift came from a need to be in greater sync with our clients on the work they are doing internally to digitally transform their business, and harness that data to deliver creative ideas that will inform and help direct award-winning creative ideas.
We set the vision to be the agency that takes the guesswork out of the creative process. Our goal is to deliver this leading edge approach across our entire portfolio of clients, big or small.


Wienerschnitzel Continues Monthly Sales Increases Since Introduction of “The Delicious Crew” Advertising Campaign by INNOCEAN USA New TV Ad Debuts October 26, Launching “Tater Scoops”

Since the introduction of a new advertising campaign featuring “The Delicious Crew”, Wienerschnitzel has outpaced the QSR industry with month over month same store sales increases. The campaign, developed by agency-of-record, INNOCEAN USA launched this past April.


Bringing to life a passion and enthusiasm for hot dogs are the characters of Todd and Lisa, “The Delicious Crew”. INNOCEAN’s creative team developed them as representatives of the millions of hot dog enthusiasts out there.  “Presidents” is the 4th spot in the campaign. It debuts Monday, October 26, introducing “Tater Scoops,” scoop-shaped French fries that have never been seen before. Todd, being Todd, expresses his delight with the new product in only the way he can – over the top.




Based on response from customers – by visits and purchases at Wienerschnitzel restaurants, and through social media interactions, INNOCEAN has truly captured America’s love for the hot dog and for “The Delicious Crew.”  A major part of the success and popularity of the campaign certainly comes from bringing to life Lisa and Todd at work and their playful, if not hilarious, banter.


“INNOCEAN has really hit a home run with this campaign, and our sales truly reflect that,” states Doug Koegeboehn, Chief Marketing Officer for Wienerschnitzel. “Their team really gets what our brand is all about and what our loyal customers are looking for. We’re fun, affordable and most importantly… delicious!”


Barney Goldberg, INNOCEAN’s Executive Creative Director exclaims that “nobody embodies Wienerschnitzel’s enthusiasm better than Todd. When we thought about showing the world new and upgraded French fries, we knew the opportunity was for Todd to engage in typical Todd fashion, because he clearly loves himself some potatoes.”


The campaign launches in all Wienerschnitzel markets, including:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, Palm Springs, Redding, Monterey, Salt lake City, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, Albuquerque, El Paso, Lubbock, Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Houston and San Antonio. 


Hungry Man is the production team for the ad series, directed by Dave Laden.


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