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GeschäftsbereichNur für Abonnenten
Medientyp Fernsehen
CEO J...in Pa.....an Nur für Abonnenten
Marketing Director K..h Ru.....ba Nur für Abonnenten
VP of Sales + Marketing S..n N...en Nur für Abonnenten
Digital Marketing Manager L...en W...e Nur für Abonnenten
Grafik-Designer K...or Ca....ll Nur für Abonnenten
Group Director of Brand Management J...in P....er Nur für Abonnenten
Brand Director N...le S...h Nur für Abonnenten
Brand Director M...n B...nd Nur für Abonnenten
Brand Manager ..z H...s Nur für Abonnenten
Geschäftsführer G...n J...s Nur für Abonnenten
Strategy Director S....ha M...ur Nur für Abonnenten
Head of Social J..n Pr....pe Nur für Abonnenten
Strategist C...y Su.....and Nur für Abonnenten
Group Creative Director ..s Jo....on Nur für Abonnenten
Stellvertretender Creative Director G..g C...in Nur für Abonnenten
Stellvertretender Creative Director J...s D...y Nur für Abonnenten
Projektmanager K...e Ar.....ng Nur für Abonnenten
Head of Production H...ry C...e Nur für Abonnenten
Filmproduzent/Produzent ..n Ev......sta Nur für Abonnenten
Director of Business Affair Qu....An P..n Nur für Abonnenten
Business Affair Manager Ch.....ne ..m Nur für Abonnenten
Produktionsfirma Lu.....ard Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer J..l H...g Nur für Abonnenten
Herstellungsleiter L...a F...s Nur für Abonnenten
Post-Produktion Lu.....ard Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter J..n E...s Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter N...i G....an Nur für Abonnenten
Assistenzredakteur J...n B....es Nur für Abonnenten
Post-Produktion A....on ..e Nur für Abonnenten
Regisseur S...e M..p Nur für Abonnenten
Color/Finish M....on .A Nur für Abonnenten
Executive Producer J....ca L...e Nur für Abonnenten
Senior VFX Producer R..n Me....th Nur für Abonnenten
Flame Artist G...o R...ra Nur für Abonnenten
Kolorist M....ew S...ab Nur für Abonnenten
Color Producer C...y M..e Nur für Abonnenten
Music/Sound Design St.....azy M...c ..d S...d Nur für Abonnenten
Komponist Jo....an D....us Nur für Abonnenten
Filmproduzent/Produzent ..y D....us Nur für Abonnenten
Sound Engineer D...el M...er Nur für Abonnenten
OOH Lu.....ard S...io Nur für Abonnenten
Head of Studio Mi....le W...s Nur für Abonnenten
Senior Studio Specialist Je....er T...l Nur für Abonnenten
Presentation Artist K...n C....ho Nur für Abonnenten
Senior Proofreader M....el Ro.....al Nur für Abonnenten
CEO M..t N...et Nur für Abonnenten
Director of Account Growth A....ra P...a Nur für Abonnenten
Media Director ..n H...e Nur für Abonnenten
PR K....er Com.......ions Nur für Abonnenten
PR L...ie R....to Nur für Abonnenten
Media S...LY Nur für Abonnenten

Über Venables Bell + Partners

Venables Bell + Partners is a leading independent agency with headquarters in San Francisco, and outposts in New York and Austin. The agency, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is driven by a core mission of delivering outsized impact for brands and businesses including clients Audi, Chipotle, 3M, and Reebok. VB+P has been included in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List, named one of AdAge’s top ten A-List agencies and Best Places to Work, and Adweek’s Breakthrough Agency of the Year. 


Venables Bell + Partners Celebrates its 20th Anniversary by Offering Agency of Record Services to a Small Business in Need for $20

Agency Launches Campaign Announcing a Call for Submissions From Local, Independent Small Businesses Impacted by the Pandemic 

In honor of its 20th anniversary, leading independent agency Venables Bell + Partners has announced that it will offer its full-service Agency of Record duties to one deserving San Francisco-based small business for one year for $20. The agency launched a contest-related campaign today to share the word with local, independent small businesses that have been significantly affected by the pandemic and related challenges.  A winner will be selected and announced in mid-December.

“It’s fair to say that providing our AOR services for $20 is crazy, though somehow it’s entirely fitting in today’s crazy world,” said Paul Venables, Founder and Chairman of VB+P. “Small businesses have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic and have faced incredible challenges in recent months. As we mark this 20-year milestone, we’re grateful to be in the position to give back and help another local business realize its potential.  We’re looking forward to finding our new partner and getting started together.” 

The integrated campaign highlights a theme of crazy times that call for crazy actions and features messaging such as: “Aliens are real. Venomous caterpillars exist and we’ll be your ad agency for $20.”  Content will appear on community-targeted digital platforms such as Next Door and Craigslist, and owned and paid social media channels. Wild postings will be distributed throughout local neighborhoods, and the agency has also partnered with The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to share news of this initiative with their network of small businesses. 

Submission details and partnership terms are outlined on the program’s website, and a sampling of digital, social, and guerilla marketing assets are linked here.  Applications will be accepted through Nov. 15th, and a winner will be announced on December 13th.  As Agency of Record, VB+P will provide all strategic planning and creative ideation with an annual fee of $20. The fee comes with one requirement: the new client must promise not to settle for ordinary work. 


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