TitelFlavour Hunt
Kampagne Flavour Hunt
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Kampagnenmanager G..a B...h Nur für Abonnenten
Campaign Planner ..y K....dy Nur für Abonnenten
Senior Campaign Manager R....ca H...es Nur für Abonnenten
Senior Brand Director S...hi Br.....ee Nur für Abonnenten
Chief Creative Officer V...i M....re Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Director ..n C..e Nur für Abonnenten
Creative Director A..y G....tt Nur für Abonnenten
Copywriter / Art Director M...s B....am Nur für Abonnenten
Copywriter / Art Director C....ia So.....te Nur für Abonnenten
Etatdirektor Ch.....te M...an Nur für Abonnenten
Kundenbetreuer S...ie H...es Nur für Abonnenten
Agency Producer St.....ie C...k Nur für Abonnenten
Regisseur O..n T...or Nur für Abonnenten
Produzent ..y Ap....on Nur für Abonnenten
Cutter S..m Ho....la Nur für Abonnenten
Post-Produktion B...k K..e S....os Nur für Abonnenten
Tonstudio N..8 Nur für Abonnenten
Sounddesigner ..m R...on Nur für Abonnenten
Direktor Fotografie J...o F...r Nur für Abonnenten

Über Havas London

Havas London is the UK creative flagship. In 2022, it was shortlisted for Campaign's Creative Agency of the Year and the leadership are at the top of their game with CEO Xavier Rees and CCO Vicki Maguire named Agency Head and Creative Person of the Year respectively. The team obsess about creating work that makes a meaningful difference – 2021 saw Havas London have its most successful award year yet, with 3 Cannes Lions (including 1 gold), 4 British Arrows, 2 Campaign Big Awards, 5 Creative Circles, 3 D&AD Pencils, 3 DMA awards and 11 London International Awards. The business also places people, planet and profit on an equal footing; it was the first major advertising agency to achieve B Corporation certification and is also become a major signatory for ADGreen. 


Isn’t it time the industry had sustainability of conviction?

B Corp certification may be harder to get than a Pencil, but hand on heart, it's infinitely more rewarding for everyone and better for the planet.

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