TitelThe Art of Multitasking
Kampagne Flex is Greater than Flat
Werbende Samsung
Marke Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

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Samsung Taps the World’s Most Prolific Multitasker, Leonardo da Vinci, and a Clever Cat to Showcase Versatile Functionality of New Foldables


What do Leonardo da Vinci and a clever cat have in common? They are both the stars of Samsung’s new launch campaign for their next generation of groundbreaking foldable smartphones: Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4. The pair of playful spots, produced by Ogilvy New York, leaves viewers entertained with unforgettable perspectives on just how much potential these pioneering phones have. The campaign focuses on the distinctiveness of each model, exemplifying Galaxy Z Fold4’s multitasking functionalities and Z Flip4’s FlexCam, the world’s most versatile camera in a smartphone. Video for the campaign are available here.

The Art of Multitasking,” set to the iconic track “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, takes us on a satirical history lesson of how the world’s most iconic multitasker, Leonardo da Vinci, could have conceived and crafted his “Vitruvian Man” piece if he had the modern multitasking powerhouse of the Galaxy Z Fold4 in his hand. To master the art of multitasking and create your next masterpiece with a device that can do the most.

The spot opens on da Vinci ready to paint in his workshop when a sudden creative block takes hold. He steps back, unfolds the upgraded wider screen of his Galaxy Z Fold4, and passively scrolls through old photos until one photo captures his full attention. His eyes widen, he grins with excitement, and it’s clear that inspiration has struck at last. He furiously gets to work while demonstrating the multitasking power of the Galaxy Z Fold4. He drags the Samsung Note app from the new Taskbar and effortlessly splits the screen in half, keeping both apps in view. With the S Pen in hand, he sketches the beginnings of his masterpiece while keeping one eye on the photo that inspired it. Within the same immersive screen, he effortlessly drags and drops items between multiple applications, watches a live video, and simultaneously texts his friends in a group chat. He then responds to a knock on his door and uses the Z Fold4’s upgraded 50MP wide lens to snap a one-handed photo of his curly-haired delivery man. With Dual preview, the delivery man, who curiously resembles the “Vitruvian Man,” gets to see himself through the front cover screen. The spot ends with da Vinci on stage revealing the final piece to an awe-struck audience, and we learn he’s been building his iconic “Vitruvian Man” piece all along. The spot lands on the line “The Art of Multitasking,” to note the Z Fold4’s potential to help viewers accomplish more, faster than ever before.

The launch spot for the Galaxy Z Flip4, “Your Crew in Full View,” set the track “Struttin” by Thumpasaurus, puts a spotlight on a clever cat who uses the versatility of FlexCam to capture several shots of himself, as well as his dog companions, at every possible angle.

The spot opens with the ultra-compact Galaxy Z Flip4 being picked up out of a purse. It unfolds as the friends gather to capture some hands-free group shots with FlexCam. They exit the room, leaving the phone open on the table as the cat, who has been curiously watching the whole time, approaches to take it on a selfie ride of his own. It uses FlexCam to capture several shots at every possible angle of himself as well as with his dog companions. At last, the owner catches her pets in the act and with just one hand folds the Z Flip4 closed. As the final super reads “Capture new perspectives with FlexCam,” viewers are left with a heartwarming take on the Z Flip4’s potential to help them photograph in more ways than ever before.

Carlos Perez, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy New York, said: “These devices are truly innovative and first-of-their-kind. But we didn’t just want to make demo films. We wanted to make work that could bring some much-needed storytelling and humor into a category that tends to be cold and too product-centric. The new Samsung foldable devices are fun, playful, and inspiring so we wanted the work to reflect that.”

Sonia Chang, VP of Global Brand Marketing, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “What really sets the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 apart from every other phone on the market is their standout performance with multitasking and a versatile photography experience with FlexCam, respectively. We knew we needed launch spots for each that exemplifies these remarkable features in a relatable way.”

The spots are being launched following a campaign last month where Samsung teased the imminent launch of the new line of foldables, boldly proclaiming “Flex is Greater than Flat” in the official trailer for the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 produced by Ogilvy New York.

As the leader in foldable smartphones, Samsung continues its effort to develop the most innovative technology in the category and tell its stories in the most playful ways. These two spots demonstrate the revolutionary qualities of its new generation foldable smartphones while using humor and modern craft to help viewers relate to the behavior-changing potential of technology they have yet to experience. The future looks brighter than ever for Samsung foldable devices, and these new models are ready to give people something they’ve never experienced before.

The campaign was created by Ogilvy New York. Caviar Films was the production company. 

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