TitelStay Ahead
Kampagne Stay Ahead
Werbende Toyota
Marke Lexus

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Marketing Specialist D...a F....va Nur für Abonnenten
CEO N..k H....th Nur für Abonnenten
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Shoot supervisor and Compositor R...n L...ià Nur für Abonnenten
Audio-Postproduktion K..g L..h Nur für Abonnenten
Sound Engineer J..k Se.....ck Nur für Abonnenten
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Über The&Partnership

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Lexus and The&Partnership encourage you to STAY AHEAD with new RX campaign

Lexus and The&Partnership have launched a new action-packed campaign, ‘Stay Ahead’. The campaign firmly positions the all-new RX as the ultimate hero in an exciting new chapter for the brand.

With public responses to car advertising falling to an all-time low, ‘Stay Ahead’ looks to change this, with an attention-grabbing storyline and by highlighting the exciting experience of driving the Lexus RX with its three powertrain options; Performance Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and Performance Petrol.

Featuring 45 assets in total, the campaign engages the public from the first encounter, with trailer-style social films leading the audience to a 1:47 action film directed by Mark Jenkinson, and featuring an original score by award-winning composer, James Radford.

Inspired by Europe’s action film heritage, the action film was shot in historic Girona,northern Catalonia, Spain, and features a Spy thriller storyline, which combines edge-of-your-seat driving sequences, with multiple characters racing through Girona, all striving to secure a mysterious briefcase. The opening scene kicks off nearly two minutes of heart-stopping action, keeping audiences guessing until the end. And then beyond it.

To ensure that the campaign communicates the Stay Ahead message at every moment in the customer journey, with the same twists and turns you’d expect from a blockbuster film franchise, the campaign also delivers an extended Stay Ahead Film version which was made for made for the big screen, alongside 20”, 25” and 30” TV edits, dealership POS, 6 product films, and a 25 image suite, photographed by Anton Watts.

Tommaso Grassi, Head of Communication at Lexus Europe says : The Lexus RX, since its launch, has been leading the way in its own segment, introducing , for instance, the first self charging hybrid luxury SUV already in 2005. For the launch of the 5th generation, we wanted a campaign that captures its “Stay Ahead” philosophy , celebrating the similarities between a state-of-the-art car that is inherently forward-thinking and iconic, and an audience that embodies the ethos of “stay ahead” in all aspects of their life .

Creative Director at The&Partnership, Frances Draskau says: The Lexus RX is a powerhouse of a luxury vehicle and deserved a storyline worthy of its action-packed credentials. With Stay Ahead we’ve gone all in, deploying the advanced technology of the new RX through each asset to deliver our hero in signature Lexus style. Working in partnership with regulation bodies to build automotive campaigns that are fast-paced, exciting and impactful is a challenge we continue to enjoy, and ultimately echoes our Lexus RX message: Stay Ahead.

The campaign will continue further with a new interactive film, additional secret characters and an exclusive, money-can’t-buy prize for the audience.

The new Lexus RX campaign comprises a suite of AV, TVC, Digital and social assets launching across 54 markets in Europe in all channels from w/c 16th January 2023. 

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