TitelThe Power of Dreams
Kampagne The Power of Dreams
Werbende Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Marke Honda Motorcycles

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VCCP is the challenger network for challenger brands. We are a global integrated communications agency, founded in 2002 on the principles of simplicity, collaboration and un-preciousness. We transform the fortunes of our clients by challenging and disrupting the categories they operate in.


VCCP US Names Kenny Lloyd First-Ever Director of Culture and Innovation

Global Challenger Network Bolsters Culture, Creativity, and Innovation through New Role

Today, global creative agency VCCP announces it named Kenny Lloyd as its first-ever Director of Culture and Innovation. In his newly created role, he will strengthen VCCP US' position as the challenger agency by helping the shop tackle the status quo in communications through culture and innovation. Based in New York, Lloyd will report to Global Chief Strategy Officer Jonny Shaw.

“Kenny has an eye for culturally resonant creativity, something that became apparent through his work on the strategy team,” said Shaw. “His work led us to create this new position dedicated to empowering diverse voices and disrupting industry norms. We look forward to continuing to partner with Kenny to keep VCCP’s challenger spirit constant internally and externally.”

Lloyd steps into his new position after most recently serving as Strategy Director for VCCP US on the heels of branding and creative roles at Tiffany & Co. and Apple. During his tenure with the agency, he has helped brands including White Claw, Nutribullet, and Tate’s Bake Shop through his sharp strategic perspective. Now, Lloyd will help take VCCP and its stable of clients to new places by connecting with individuals, organizations, and partners from the world of culture. He also will identify innovation opportunities to ignite new creative possibilities that grow VCCP's clients' businesses, while building a culture and innovation mindset internally.

“A first-of-its-kind for the agency, my position will help bring VCCP US and its clients into more culturally compelling spaces, while also continuing to encourage the importance of a diverse talent hiring pipeline,” said Lloyd. “From charitable partnerships to mentorship programs to panels focusing on industry disruptors, I’ll be partnering with leadership to help share the challenger ethos that distinguishes VCCP on a much wider scale across the US.” 

Lloyd’s first initiative, called “The Challengers” will bring together disruptors across a multitude of industries and communities across music, fashion, gaming, and advertising. It will launch in the coming months.


VCCP is the global challenger network for challenger clients. Since our founding in 2002, the VCCP network has grown to over 1000 strategic and creative thinkers with offices all over the world. Servicing North America, VCCP US produces award-winning work for an ever-growing client list including White Claw, T-Mobile for Business, Google, Native, Audi, Tate’s Bake Shop and Blizzard.

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