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PostedMai 2024
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Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer O...ia Pa....aw Nur für Abonnenten
Etatdirektor N...le M....ad Nur für Abonnenten
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Art Director K..e Mc.....ll
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Post ..C Nur für Abonnenten
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VCCP is the challenger network for challenger brands. We are a global integrated communications agency, founded in 2002 on the principles of simplicity, collaboration and un-preciousness. We transform the fortunes of our clients by challenging and disrupting the categories they operate in.


Cadbury Dairy Milk &More: Cadbury and VCCP London create ‘distracted’ ads to spotlight their most indulgent addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk range


Cadbury, in collaboration with VCCP London has unveiled a new integrated campaign to introduce its latest indulgent creation, the Cadbury Dairy Milk &More bar.

Cadbury Dairy Milk &More is innovative, with bigger chunks and more combinations of delicious flavours than ever before, available in two flavours, Cadbury Dairy Milk &More Nutty Praline Crisp and Cadbury Dairy Milk & More Caramel Nut Crunch. The idea behind the campaign is to celebrate the bar’s depth by showcasing the distracting power of the &More bar’s fillings, proudly celebrating that “there’s a lot to take in”.

Central to the campaign is an out of home activation: a series of ’distracted’ ads. Within the poster, the eye-catching Dairy Milk &More bar grabs the attention of ‘neighbouring’ ads, the people featured within each can’t help but stare.

As part of the activation, Cadbury has involved real independent businesses for the surrounding ‘distracted’ ads, providing each with a valuable spotlight and complimentary advertising. Each ad features genuine individuals closely affiliated with these businesses. This initiative, as well as highlighting the brand’s generosity, underscores Cadbury's commitment to nurturing creativity and supporting the community.

With media planning and buying led by Publicis Media, each poster is strategically placed at some of London’s most prominent digital sites including Euston and Waterloo, as well as flyposting locations up and down the country going live on 17th June.

The OOH also plays on the theme of distraction, using contextual ads strategically placed in key locations such as bus stops and airports, reminding people that they should really be getting on their bus or picking up their luggage rather than staring at the &More chunk.

In addition to the out of home campaign, VCCP’s global content creation studio, Girl&Bear, collaborated with award-winning director Tom Speers and SMUGGLER to bring two 20” films, crafted to be funny, sharp and for the message to land in a short space of time. One film depicts a gamer so entranced by the &More bar that he abandons his team, while the other portrays a mother so absorbed by the chocolate that her teenage daughter is left waiting outside in the rain.

The campaign will run in the UK and Ireland from June 3rd to July 31st, with a second phase in September. The campaign will be featured across BVOD, CTV, Cinema, YouTube, digital and paper OOH, flyposters, and social media, in an aim to ensure broad and diverse reach for the new product.

Girl&Bear managed the entirety of the campaign, from TV campaign to OOH, and PR has been managed by Ogilvy.

Maria Jackson, Senior Brand Manager at Mondelez: “Cadbury’s brand identity revolves around generosity and this campaign is an embodiment of that, showcasing and collaborating with real independent businesses to share our platform. It's been an exciting journey to see the product truth (there is a lot to take in!) amplified through a series of eye-catching ads that highlight an irresistible new product."

Laura Muse, Creative Director at VCCP London added: “It’s not often you get to launch a new product for such a national treasure of a brand, so it’s been a really exciting campaign to be a part of. We’re just hoping those delicious chunks don’t cause any serious distractions. If that happens, please tell everyone it was Chris and Jonny’s idea.” 

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