Meet the Interns: Critical Mass' Vienna So

I have found the company and the people I work with to be amazing.

Tell us about your internship; what are your main responsibilities?

Over the summer I interned as a Marketing Science Analyst. My internship with Critical Mass allowed me to illustrate data insights and present key findings to drive decision-making. My day-to-day responsibilities included pulling and analyzing digital data through Adobe Analytics, website and app quality assurance, tagging, and data visualization. I also participated in a six-week intern project where I worked closely with a team of interns from various disciplines to solve a client brief. It was an incredible experience, and some of my team members even had the opportunity to go to Miami to present our proposal to the client!

Do you have a dream account or brand you’d like to work with? Which one?

I’m really into makeup and skin care, so I’d love to work with a brand like Glossier or Aesop. 

Talk to us about the culture in your office, how has it impacted your internship?

Although I have only been with Critical Mass for a short period of time, I have found the company and the people I work with to be amazing. Everyone here is willing to help, answer questions, or even go on a coffee date with you to chat about your career. This presents an opportunity to grow on both personal and professional levels. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that our office has Beer O’Clock on Friday’s and Kombucha on tap!

What have you learned about the advertising industry that surprised you?

I knew it wasn’t easy, but I was shocked at how much work goes into those six second ads that I always skip before YouTube videos. These advertisements take months of strategic planning, research, copywriting, and design. Even after they are out of market, there is lots of analysis and optimization that goes into future planning. 

Choose a current popular advertising trend and tell us what’s interesting about it:

I think it is really interesting how brands and agencies have been experimenting with using machine learning to process data and handle repetitive tasks so their teams can focus on driving insights and more creative work.

Imagine your dream job: Where are you, and what does a day-to-day look like?

My dream job is a leadership role at Critical Mass!

Are you considering another internship, or looking for jobs now? What are your next steps? 

I am finishing my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary. I only have one more semester left, and I’m hoping to continue in this field after I graduate! 

What is your favorite ad of all time?

My favourite ad is the “Like a Girl” campaign by Always. The expression “Like a Girl” is often used as an insult to tease somebody who is viewed as weak, over-emotional, or useless. In the short video, young girls were asked to do things “Like a Girl,” such as to run or fight like a girl. They ran and fought as hard as they could, with confidence and pride. It challenged the statement “like a girl”; the once negative connotation was redefined to reflect positivity and inspiration. The ad went viral and has been widely celebrated for breaking stereotypes and empowering women.