Napolina is so proud of its ingredients it has literally put them on a pedestal; placing a titanic tin of tomatoes on a colossal Corinthian plinth

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Napolina is not humble about its ingredients. And if you were to be walking past Elephant and Castle this week you’d be served that message Monte Bene.

Taking a lead from the proud and noble history of Italy and its love of statues, from Michealangelo’s David to Diego Armando Maradona Franco in Naples, Lucky Generals has taken Napolina’s tinned tomatoes to new heights (literally), with a 3D Corinthian column. Bursting out of a 96 sheet OOH billboard. With a huge tin of Napolina tomatoes resting proudly and commandingly on top. 

Nestled Close to Elephant and Castle tube station, at the entrance to Mercato Metropolitano (the international food market for the ultimate foodie), the headline on the special build reads: “Not so Humble Ingredients”. 

The work is more than just a towering tribute to tinned tomatoes; it's a continuation of the “not so humble ingredients” brand platform cooked up last year by Lucky Generals, based on the brand truth that Napolina’s products are not your typical staple ingredient. These tomatoes have been basking in the Mediterranean sunshine and lovingly cultivated by farmers with 50 years of experience. They are not just the base that you add things to, but rather they are the star of the show and bring greatness to any meal. Earning the right to not be humble. And that proud place on the plinth.

The majestic billboard was brought to life in partnership with Wavemaker, ClearChannel, Kinetic and Creative SD, and will be displayed until 6th October.

Danny Hunt, Creative Director at Lucky Generals, said: “Hadrian, Claudius, Tiberius, Maradonna - all loved and adored in Italy. They all have their statues and they all have their plinths. So we thought it's the tomatoes' turn to take their place amongst the greats. These proud red marvels deserve their turn in the spotlight, and for everyone to celebrate their greatness. And, you know, they do make lovely spag bol.” 

Jeremy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer at Napolina, said: “More and more people are cooking at home now and desire quality ingredients. We know our products are not only high-quality but have the ability to elevate any dish to restaurant standards. If we not humbly say so ourselves. Lucky Generals continues to bring a unique playfulness and entertainment that lets our stand out products stand out even more.”

Emma Slater, Regional Managing Director at Wavemaker, said: “We are proud to have given Napolina the limelight it deserves through bold and impactful media. It’s been an exciting journey to be on in collaboration with the Napolina brand team and Lucky Generals, and cannot wait for the next ‘no so humble’ activation for this high-quality, well-loved brand.”



Brand: Napolina

Creative Agency: Lucky Generals
Media Agency: Wavemaker
Production: ClearChannel, Kinetic and Creative SD


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