10 Rue Vivienne
Paris 75002
Telefon: (+33) (0)1 53 45 01 23

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Gegründet in: 1991

Awards: 261

Kreative Projekte: 187

Partizan Paris

10 Rue Vivienne
Paris 75002
Telefon: (+33) (0)1 53 45 01 23
Frédéric Genest

Frédéric Genest

Executive Producer

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Über Partizan Paris

Established 1991 and twice listed over the past decade as the Gunn Report’s ‘Best production Company in the World’ Partizan remains one of the world’s principal content creators comprising; music videos, commercials, documentaries, feature films, animation, digital and branded content online as well as interactive events and installations.
The company continues to flourish, evolve and grow hosting facilities in London Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Middle East and Berlin as well as hosting a strong online following. 


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