Press Releases - CZAR - CZAR Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2020 New film by SALSA for Belgian Kids' Fund "Birthday Everyday" is the title of the film released by the Belgian Kids Fund, which deals daily with children in a serious health condition. In the film, we see a couple of parents reacting in an unprecedented way when forced to face an unfortunate diagnosis about their child’s health state. In this little fable of real life, the parents decide, against all odds, to turn that hospitalisation period into a series of special moments in the life of their child and their own.

"Birthday Everyday" is a story about resilience and unconditional love, even when the world is falling apart. Created by the Belgian agency Mortierbrigade, produced by CZAR.BE and directed by the directing-duo SALSA, the work provokes an important reflection on the importance of emotional support and the relativisation of time when life exposes all its fragility and finitude. 

2018-12-19 00:00:00
Newsflash! Koen Mortier & CZAR Newsflash! Koen Mortier & CZAR will be making one of the episodes of the new portmanteau picture Rotterdam, I Love You! #rotterdamiloveyou #koenmortier #czarbe 

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Way to go Joe! Way to go Joe! We can't wait for his new short film to air on Canvas this spring! #czarfilm #czarbrussels #czarbe #canvas #4X7 

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Koen Mortier gives insight Koen Mortier gives insight into his movie ex drummer and his passion for filmmaking. Read the full article here

2015-04-10 00:00:00
CANNES LIONS 2014! Congratz to Andreas, Martin, Martin and Bart!!!!
This year´s Cannes Lions has been one of the most successful ones ever for some of our directors.
Here is a total summary of all the lions they have received: (in the categories Film Lions and Film Craft Lions.)
Andreas Nilsson:
-Film Lions Grand Prix Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split"
-Film Craft Lions Gold Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split"
-Film Craft Lions Silver in Use of Music Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split"
-Film Craft Lions Silver in Casting Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split"
-Film Craft Lions Silver in Script Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split"
-Films Craft Lions Bronze in Cinematography DoP Ed Wild
-Film Lions 2 x Bronze Valmano "Dentist", "Bedroom"
Martin de Thurah:
-Film Craft Lions Bronze in Direction Hennessy "The Man Who Couldn´t Stop
-Film Craft Lions Silver in Cinematography DoP Kasper Tuxen Hennessy "The Man Who Couldn´t Stop"
-Film Craft Lions Silver in Art Direction/Production Design Hennessy "The Man Who Couldn´t Stop"
Martin Werner:
-Films Lions Silver x 2 Jack & Jones
-Film Lions Bronze x 3 Jack & Jones "Knit with Wit", "On The Button", "Wool From Cool"
Bart Timmer:
-Films Lions Bronze Double A "The Double Quality Paper"
Talk about a success!! YAY!!
We´re very PROUD and HAPPY for all of them.
HUGE congratulations!!

2014-06-24 00:00:00