TitelONEPLUS 8 Series
Kampagne OnePlus 8 Series
Werbende OnePlus
Marke OnePlus
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Handies & Pagers
Story Music, youth and dance – the latest OnePlus commercial is full of positive energy. The ad has been created by Platige Image for Division 7.
“The most fun was with timing. Everything had to be perfectly timed, a minimal mistake would spoil the whole effect. Our work fits in that great cinematography, choreography and sound of Oneplus commercial. This is a very dynamic ad, definitely one of the most interesting projects of that kind that we have been working on recently.” (Bartłomiej Kmita, VFX Supervisor)
“We had to make dozens of various versions to achieve the best effect and to meet the director’s artistic expectations and high client’s requirements. However, everything went well and we are satisfied with the final result. It’s a really cool lifestyle spot with an interesting idea.” (Mateusz Wiśniewski, VFX Producer).
In Platige team Mateusz Wiśniewski was the VFX Producer and Bartłomiej Kmita was the VFX Supervisor. Zicz was Executive Producer and Piotr Popielawski was responsible for online.
Medientyp Internet-Film
Production House
VFX Supervisor
VFX Producer
Executive Producer
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