Amsterdam, Niederlande
TitelA Frame for Every Face
Kampagne A Frame for Every Face
Werbende Ace & Tate
Marke Ace & Tate
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung 2022 / 1
Geschäftsbereich Optiker
Philosophie HALAL Studios, the newly launched creative studio of HALAL Amsterdam, starts the year with a bang - a new campaign for leading Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate. ‘A Frame For Every Face’ is a multimedia campaign, with the film components directed by one of HALAL’s most exciting emerging directors Camille Boumans, and photography by acclaimed Dutch photographer Nick van Tiem. The Ace & Tate’s ‘A Frame for Every Face’ launches today with a media push on social platforms, led by TikTok. Cleverly using a visual device familiar from TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, the new brand film features a diverse cast of characters and appeals to the brand’s core audience of screen-loving Gen Y and Gen Z. The campaign uses motion assets that function as a hypnotic loop, by using the camera to zoom into the eyes of a person wearing the frames, before panning through their eye into another person wearing a different frame. By zooming into the frames the viewer becomes part of a digital world that mirrors the visual lives of Screenagers. Ace & Tate was born in Amsterdam, and continues to expand globally with more than 70 stores in cities including fashion centres London, Antwerp and Berlin. Designed in Amsterdam, the glasses are made of top quality materials, yet manage to be both fashionable and affordable. The company also prides itself on its efforts to create a more planet-friendly product, reducing the use of plastic in packaging, and striving for inclusivity in the workplace. In a relatively short time, Ace & Tate have made a big impact in the eyewear category, through a combination of great design, sustainable marketing, inclusivity and affordability. HALAL Studio’s Creative Director Pascal Duval collaborated closely with the team at Ace & Tate, to come up with a simple and straightforward creative idea that features a diverse cast of characters, mirroring the diversity of the brand’s eyewear designs, whilst using the visual device of each person’s eye in order to create a hypnotic effect familiar from Tik Tok. ‘A Frame for Every Face’ was filmed by HALAL’s youngest director, Camille Boumans, whose direction combines modern aesthetics and intimate cinematography. Duval wanted to show multiple faces to represent Ace & Tate, and also demonstrate the brand’s extensive product line. The creative direction of Duval and Boumans showcases the diversity of people who wear Ace & Tate eyewear, and the film features a deep dive into the iris of each character, emphasising how unique each person is and how we all view the world differently. HALAL’s Nick van Tiem focuses on the same underlying theme of individuality in his photography, which is imbued with human warmth. Van Tiem’s stills for the Ace & Tate campaign celebrate our differences, subtly underlining how the brand doesn't make glasses for one homogenised face, but rather they create designs that can be worn by a cross-section of people.
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