Kampagne Pridestream
Werbende KPN Telecom
Marke Telco
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Telekommunikation
Philosophie Our secured website Pridestream.org was the heart of the campaign. Here everyone around the world (including counties where Gay Pride is not a self-evident concept) was able to carefree experience the Canal Parade via a live stream. The fact that our 360? stream enabled virtual passengers to move their devices in order to change view made the experience as realistic as it gets. LED screens on all sides of the boat showed (anonimysed) faces of LGBT’s streaming from all over the world. This provided a face to our empty boat and created a wild cheering crowd towards our virtual passengers via the camera.More than 68.000 people from over 128 countries worldwide sailed along with Pridestream. Thanks to the 360? technology everybody was able to experience the Canal Parade ‘live’. The toolkit was downloaded 3.500 times. Pridestream was published in over 150 (inter) national media titles and broadcasted in 4 radio shows. Resulting in a total of 80.540.948 impressions with over 4 million on Facebook, 1.7 million on Twitter and 74.576.428 earned media impressions, worth an estimated value of more than 1 million euro. KPN proved its’ brand mission ‘Feel Free’ by using telecom technology to create a feeling of freedom and acceptance.Every year thousands of people come to Amsterdam to celebrate ‘gay’ freedom and the acceptance and equality for LGBT’s at the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade. However there are lots of places on the globe where this freedom and acceptance is far from obvious. Dutch telecom provider KPN believes everyone in the world should be able to feel free and appreciated for who they are. Therefore it developed Pridestream. A boat donated to all LGBT’s worldwide who are not able, allowed or convenient to express who they really are. A 360? camera streamed the Canal Parade from this boat live via a secured Internet connection. This way the ‘virtual passengers’ where able to join the Pride and experience what it is like to feel free and cheered upon. 
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