Mike Sutherland
Directeur adjoint de la création at adam&eveDDB
London, Großbritannien
Kampagne Pillowcase
Werbende DFO, LLC.
Marke Denny's
PostedJunI 2005
Geschäftsbereich Gastätte & Schnellgaststätte
Philosophie We printed the 'All Night Menu' onto pillowcases, which were then sent out to universities. Students seemed to be the perfect target audience. They're up late at night, they hate having to cook and all of them would love new bedding, especially if its free. Where as ordinary menus tend to get lost, thrown away or pushed in the back of drawers. This one is always there just at the time when they might be considering a late night snack.
Problem To launch Denny's new 'All Night Menu' and target 18 - 24 year olds.
Ergebnis Since the launch, average unit sales have steadily increased. At Syracuse University where the pillowcases were first distributed, regional sales are up by as much as 11%, while the competition is trading flat.
Medientyp Informationsmaterial & Direktmarketing
Markt Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Executive Creative Director
Art Director

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