Beate Tangre

Beate Tangre

Partner & Exec. Producer at Tangrystan Productions AS, Oslo
Bergen, Norwegen


Executive producer and founding partner, Tangrystan Productions AS.

Background from documentary and feature film production in Scandinavia and London, last 10 years as a commercial producer, co-founder of Tangrystan Productions in 2011. The company represents award winning directors from all over Scandinavia, and has won numerous awards over the last 7 years, among others Gold Lion (Craft+ Film) in Cannes for the film "Dear Daddy", several Golds in Eurobest, Cresta Gold and 2 Grand Prix, among others. It is historically the most award winning campaign in Norway ever.
Co-founder and board member of The Film Agency Oslo (2014).


Partner & Exec. Producer
Oslo, Norwegen
2011 - Derzeit hier (9 Jahre 8 Monate)

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