Mathilde Carpentier

Mathilde Carpentier

Creative Director at Rosapark, Paris
Paris, Frankreich


Mathilde Carpentier currently works as creative director at Rosapark, agency that she joined when it was created.
She is in charge of the creative work for the Monoprix retail brand: advertising campaigns for their line of clothing and cosmetics, promotional and commercial operations as well as overseeing the content for the brand's social media and CRM.
She also works on luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani fragrances—the Acqua For life project and the launch of the new Acqua di Gioia fragrance.

She studied at Maryse Eloy (Graphic Arts School) and started her career at CLM/BBDO before joining Saatchi&Saatchi in 1995.

She then joined Callegari Berville where she worked for Française des Jeux, Castorama, Hoegaarden, Leffe, EDF and Nokia.

She also focused on fragrance campaigns and luxury brands at Grey Paris for more than 10 years with Lacoste Hugo Boss, Escada and Rochas…


Creative Director
Paris, Frankreich
February 2012 - Derzeit hier (10 Jahre 4 Monate)
In charge of the brand Monoprix and Giorgio Armani fragrances.

• Monoprix Suivi de toute la création et l’accompagnement des équipes créatives sur le Plan d’action commercial, le CRM, les réseaux sociaux etc.

• Giorgio Armani Aqua For Life Campagne print et film, packaging et exposition à Paris Photo LA
• Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gioia Campagne print et film réalisée avec Signe Vistrup et Laurence Dunmore
• Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani
• BestForm Campagne films viraux et social média
Art Director
Paris, Frankreich
2008 - February 2012 (4 Jahre 1 Monat)
(CD Andréa Stillacci))
Work on Procter&Gamble Fragrances : film, print and Digital
• Lacoste Joy Of Pink (Print and film with Paul Gore)
• Lacoste Challenge (Print with Giampaolo Vimmercati)
• Lacoste Love of Pink et Touch of Pink (print with Dusan Rejlin)
• Lacoste essential Sport (print with François Rousseau)
• Escada (print with Michellangelo-di Baptista)
• Lacoste Love Of Pink (film and print with Paul Gore and Julia Fullerton Batten)
• Rochas eau Sensuelle (film and print with Joe roman and Benoît Peverrelli)
• Lacoste Red and Essential (print with François Rousseau)
• Boss in Motion (print with Neil Stewart)
Art Director
Callegari Berville Grey
2000 - 2008 (8 Jahre)
(CD Pierre Berville)
Work on Procter&Gamble Fragrances :
• Lacoste pour femme (film & print)
• Boss in Motion Electric (print with Tom Van Heel)
• Lacoste Inspiration (film & print with Ellen Von Unwerth)
• Lacoste Red (film & print)
• Boss in Motion Black (film & print with Tom Van Heel)
• Lacoste Essential (film & print with Christophe Kutner and Carter Smith)

(CD Anne-Cécile Tauleigne, Thierry Vince)
• Boss in Motion Silver (film & print with Howard Greenhalgh and Tom Van Heel)
• La Française de jeux : Le Millionnaire (film with Guillaume Canet)
• Varilux Essilor (print)
• Hoegaarden (print)
• La Collective du Cidre (print with Bruno Suet)
• 3M, Scotch Brite : (film with Mathilde Jouannet)
• Banette (print), Tomy (film and print)
Junior Art Director
Callegari Berville
1996 - 2000 (4 Jahre)
EDF, Castorama, Hoegaarden, Leffe
Assistant art director
Suresnes, Frankreich
1995 - 1996 (1 Jahr)
Production assistant
1990 - 1995 (5 Jahre)
Job on the TV show "La Grande Famille"


Maîtrise Graphic Design

1990 - 1995 (5 Jahre)

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