Fran Dicari

Fran Dicari

CEO at Kidmunicate Franchising LLC
Cincinnati, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


You never know what path you are going to take or where you are going to end up with certainty, but that’s ok as long as you are constantly moving forward.

My original career path was engineering. I chose that major in college because I was strong at math. I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, but I quickly changed course to marketing when I went to Columbia Business School to get an MBA. My next stop was a job at one of the greatest marketing companies in the world, P&G.

Before I knew it, my entrepreneurial spirit would lead me from client side to the agency side. I joined the Cincinnati office of The Waylon Company (Now a part of Momentum Worldwide). I used my knowledge of marketing and P&G to build the fledgling office. While I was growing the Cincinnati office, I watched the owners of the agency grow the overall company and position it for acquisition. A new goal and path came into view.

After 6 years at Waylon, I changed course again when I bought into Barefoot Advertising (Now Barefoot Proximity, a div. of BBDO and Omnicom). What started out as privately owned traditional advertising agency evolved into a digital / content marketing agency. Businesses can change paths too. Barefoot Proximity grew from 10 employees to over 150 while becoming P&G's benchmark digital agency and one of BBDO’s fastest growing business units. I led the P&G brand account during most of my journey with Barefoot.

In late 2012, another path emerged. That's when I convinced my younger sister, a talented speech pathologist, to start a speech therapy business. I saw an opportunity to combine my sister’s skills with my branding, marketing and digital knowledge to create a business with a lot of potential in a market that has not been traditionally marketed. I started Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy LLC.

January 2015, I sold my remaining shares of Barefoot Proximity to concentrate on franchising Kidmunicate. I can’t wait to see where this path leads.



Kidmunicate Franchising LLC
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
November 2012 - Derzeit hier (7 Jahre 10 Monate)
Loveland, Ohio
We started Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy with two goals in mind.

1) To help kids with speech and language deficiencies become more confident and communicative members of the community.
2) To help speech-language pathologists set-up, manage and grow their own private practices so that they can accomplish goal number one.

Pamela Drennen MS CCC/SLP, co-founder, had always dreamed about owning and running a clinic. Over the years, she started and stopped plans several times. She hesitated because she thought that the demands of starting, running and marketing a practice would take time away from what she loves to do and does best, therapy. She was not alone, research showed that many speech-language therapists dream about starting a private practice, but most hesitate because they lack business and marketing experience.

The founders of Kidmunicate decided that if we could provide operations, marketing and business support under a powerful branding umbrella, we could help SLPs to do more of what they love (therapy) and less of what they don't (operations / marketing),

Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy LLC opened a practice in Wayne, PA. This location is the testing and proving ground for the franchising concept, the operations and the marketing. This operation has grown steadily from the day it opened. The success of this operation inspired us to start Kidmunicate Franchising. It is the first Pediatric Speech Therapy Franchise in the US.

There is nothing more rewarding in business than developing a brand from the ground up. I helped powerful brands like Swiffer and Febreze launch and grow, now I want to grow Kidmunicate into a household name.
SVP Business Development
Cincinnati, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
1999 - 2014 (15 Jahre)

Led the digital and content marketing strategy for the P&G account (Braun, Tampax, Always, Wella, Swiffer, Mr Clean, Dawn, Cascade, Febreze, Head & Shoulders, etc.) and managed a highly dedicate multi-functional team to execute plans.

Barefoot Proximity became P&G's benchmark agency for digital marketing after extensive annual evaluations.

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