Dave Mering

Dave Mering

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at MeringCarson, Sacramento
Sacramento, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


The descendant of a long line of lawyers, David Mering broke the family mold and followed his passion to become an “ad man.”

Five years after graduating from California State University at Sacramento with a B.A. in Communications, David recognized the opportunity to create a different kind of advertising agency; one that connected consumers to brands on a deeper level. So
when he founded Mering and Associates, he also created MeringologyTM, a formula that simply states: The Heart + The Head = Results. 30 years (and one agency name change) later, MeringCarson has been delivering just that.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Sacramento, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
1985 - Derzeit hier (37 Jahre 5 Monate)


BA Communications

1976 - 1981 (5 Jahre)

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