Aaron Starkman
Partner, Creative Director at Rethink Communications Inc., Toronto
North York, Kanada
Kampagne Stranger's Voice
Werbende Procure
Marke Branch Out Neurological Foundation
PostedNovember 2017
Geschäftsbereich Gemeinnützige Organisationen
Story To simulate the effects of Alzheimer’s, we handed out custom phone cards for people to call friends and family anywhere in the world for free. What they didn’t realize was that their call was being routed through a hacked VoIP phone server which modulated their voice to make them sound unrecognizable to the person they were calling. At the end of the conversation, they received a pre-programmed voice message and text which let both parties know they just experienced how Alzheimer’s turns loved ones into strangers. They were also encouraged to visit the Branch Out Neurological Foundation website to learn more about Alzheimer’s research and to donate. With permission, we used some of the conversations in 60 second PSA radio spots.
Medientyp Radio
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director
Produzent Digital
Creative Director
Engineer Developer
Account Executive

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