Fabienne Méric
Agency Producer at La Maison de la Radio
Puteaux, Frankreich
TitelBuild Cities
Titel (Originalsprache)Construire des villes
Kampagne Nexity Outdoor Campaign
Werbende Nexity
Marke Nexity
PostedOktober 2007
Geschäftsbereich Bank Services, Börsenmakler
Slogan It is in thinking about working-class, industrial, university, dormitory towns that we just want to see building cities for short.
Story In July 2007, Nexity’s shareholders had to give their approval on the merger conditions with the group Groupe Caisse d’Epargne, in order to enable Nexity to become the first integrated player of property sector (from promotion and services to financing).
Philosophie The campaign answers this question: what is this merger meaning and usefulness?
The campaign suggests answers which are beyond the financial stakes of the merger by giving usefulness to property sector.
Thanks to the merger of the leader of property sector and an important bank, the project ambition is to enable complex projects like adapted housing solutions, simple property investment or harmonious town planning…
Five ads underlined what Nexity will suggest thanks to the merger:
- Solutions of adapted housing to everybody
- Diversified town planning
- Solutions of accessible housing to everybody (rate of 0% loan)
- Simple property investment
- Harmonious town planning

Euro RSCG C&O chose a direct and popular tone:
- breaking the codes of property sector and financial communication,
- in line with the « revolutions » concept that Nexity wants to implement thanks to the merger.

Problem Two main challenges in this campaign:
- Convince shareholders on the project in order to get their support and vote
- To show that Nexity integrates “corporate responsibility” within its brand attributes and values component

Medientyp Plakat
Markt Frankreich
Leiter der Werbeabteilung
Creative Director
Creative Director
Art Director

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