Fabienne Méric
Agency Producer at La Maison de la Radio
Puteaux, Frankreich
TitelE=Less CO2
Titel (Originalsprache)E= Moins de CO2
Kampagne Actions Program E=less CO2 - EDF
Werbende EDF
Marke EDF
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Firmens-/Institutionnelle Kommunikation
Story EDF is the leading electricity provider in France and is the lowest level of CO2 producer among energy suppliers, thanks to its long term commitment to nuclear energy too.
Since 2006, Euro RSCG C&O is helping EDF to look at the future and become the best partner to take up new energy challenges: environmental concerns and market deregulation.

Philosophie EDF has launched a new brand guideline: « The future, it’s in the choices we make everyday », which offers to its clients a new collective and personal relationship to the energy:
- Collective dimension: to reveal and legitimate EDF’s industrial and strategic choices in order to answer to the collective demand of energy control
- Individual dimension : to provide everyone with pragmatic mean and solutions to enable each client to make his own energetic choice

The E = less CO2 guide and website serve this purpose as these two pedagogical tools embody the new brand guideline by providing key pieces of information and advices to help people reducing CO2 emissions in their daily life.

Problem EDF has to face at the same time the market deregulation (from regulated monopoly to free competition on the 1st of July) and tomorrow’s energy issues (end of petroleum, growing of renewable energies). Public opinion is worrying about global warming and the growing scarcity of fossil energy. That’s why the main objectives of this campaign were to:
- keep a reliable relation between EDF and its customers
- load and take advantage of new competition rules

Ergebnis - The guide has been sold in 16, 000 retail outlets in France
- More than 50, 000 copys sold
- More than 100, 000 pages seen on the website www.moinsdeco2.com

Medientyp Internetseiten
Markt Frankreich
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