Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

Business Development Manager at Moonfish
Manchester, Großbritannien


We're in love! Shortly after our first mutual project we knew we simply couldn't let Matt get away. This might sound strange but anyone who has met this congenial Englishman and seen his fantastic work will understand our reaction.

This young Animation-Director lives in London. Shortly after completing his Graphic Design studies Matt discovered his passion for stoptrick films and received his Master in Animation at the Royal College of Art. Since then Matt has been unstoppable. He has worked as a successful director and animator for such brands as Reebok, ZDF, VW, Google, Ben & Jerry's and Chipotle – winning awards along the way.

Give Matt an idea and you can be sure he'll magically turn it into someting unique.

We're excited to represent Matt exclusively for the German-speaking market. 



Business Development Manager
Creative Director
The Neighbourhood Creative

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