Eduardo Basque
Freelancer Senior Art Director at McCann Health São Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brasilien
TitelCannabis Science
Kampagne Cannabis Science
Werbende Ease Labs
Marke Ease Labs
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Gesundheits- und Pharmazeutische Produkte
Slogan The nature has science that science itself doesn't know
Story Situation The scientific use of cannabis still faces prejudice. More and more science has proven the benefits of cannabis drug use for a range of disease treatments with clinically proven results. And, every day, the technology of the Ease Labs laboratory has discovered benefits and evolved as a science the more it observes and learns from its results. Solution To demystify this prejudice that still exists, we use the microscopic view of cannabis leaves, to take the deeper look that science is capable of. For this we created the concept: Cannabis has science that science itself did not know. As a result, a graphic campaign of singular beauty was born, accompanied by the same simplicity and effectiveness as its concept.
Medientyp Case Study
Creative Director
Art Director
Global Account Leader

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