Mike Sharman
Texter at Retroviral
Johannesburg, Südafrika
TitelThe Last Dictator Standing
Kampagne Last Dictator Standing (2011)
Werbende Nando's
Marke Nando's South Africa
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Gastätte & Schnellgaststätte
Slogan No one should eat alone at Christmas
Story Nando’s is a South African Peri-Peri chicken brand that is known for its irreverent advertising through social commentary. The brief from Nando’s was to promote a meal to share during the festive season whilst creating talkability around the brand. Over the festive period in South Africa, people often opt for large meal combinations. So during the 2011 Festive Season, Nando’s offered a meal for 6. We created an advertising campaign to promote this meal. 
Philosophie The festive season is a time for sharing. So this was the insight employed to promote the meals to share. Robert Mugabe is Southern Africa’s last standing dictator, so with 2011’s much-publicized fall of dictators, we wondered whom he would share his meal with. The main thrust of the campaign is the notion that no one should eat alone and no matter who you are, because Nando’s provides the perfect opportunity for friends to get together and share a delicious meal. 
Problem In 2010 our Festive Season campaign assisted in selling a record amount of meals for that particular period. A year later, we were faced with the monumental task of creating a Nando’s Festive campaign that would top the 2010 campaign. This meant ensuring that our promotional meals exceeded the 2010 15% contribution to overall sales. This was no small feat. 
Ergebnis Within hours of flighting, the campaign was a trending topic on twitter and on the front page of YouTube. To date, there are over 2 million combined YouTube views, a first for a South African TV ad. This result is relevant when understood in the context of the region – only 14% of South Africans have Internet access. 
The 2 sharing meals that were advertised contributed 25% to overall sales, the highest selling meal in the history of Nando’s South Africa. In addition after spending just $185 000 on paid media, Nando’s received $2 500 000 worth of earned media. 
Medientyp Case Study
Soundtrack 'Those Were the Days' by Mary Hopkin
Art Director
Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Agency Producer
Agency Producer
Art Director
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Interaktive Strategie
Interaktive Strategie
Interaktive Strategie

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