Tony Prysten
Werbeleiter at Melbourne Advertising & Design Club
Melbourne, Australien
TitelYMCA Playnasium
Kampagne YMCA Playnasium
Werbende YMCA
Marke YMCA Victoria
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Sport- & Gesundheitsclubs, Fitnessclubs, Spas, Diätcentren
Story For over 150 years the YMCA’s purpose has been to get people together to get active. So we thought we’d design them something that did just that: the ymca playnasium - a piece of interactive design that turned gym time into play time. Using your child’s weight as your weights you can now work out and spend quality time with your kids. Three different gym/play machines were created, each designed for different muscle groups and age groups, but all made the parents fitter, the children happier, and both of them closer!
The YMCA playnasium redesigned gym equipment, as for the first time it became a shared activity, and one that was fun. It also redesigned play equipment as it placed the parent in front of the child for focussed play and gave them a role to play (most traditional play equipment, like swings and slides, has the parent behind the child, or not having an active role at all).
The YMCA playnasium design was a manifestation of the ymca philosophy. It has been installed in four locations and over the next 12 months the ymca plan to roll it out across their national network. 
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