Daniela Vojta
Executive Creative Director at McCann New York
New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
BriefInfluential, politically conscious celebrities like Robert DeNiro wrote excuse letters for students who might be suspended by their schools for participating in The National School Walkout to support gun reform. The #ExcuseMe letters made a clear case for why participation in this event should be excused. Reasons included: an invaluable civics lesson, an exercise in good citizenship, a memorial for students who have died, and participating in our democracy. The letters were addressed to school administrators to serve as official excuse letters but their most important purpose was to show support and encourage students who wanted to make their voices heard.
Kampagne #ExcuseMe
Werbende The National School Walkout
Marke The National School Walkout
PostedNovember 2018
Geschäftsbereich Gemeinnützige Organisationen
Story Following another mass school shooting, students organized The National School Walkout to demand gun reform in America. The walkout was on April 20th, the 19 year anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School. For almost 20 years politicians have failed to pass meaningful gun reform that could save lives. Young people from all over the country wanted to participate but unfortunately some schools vowed to punish students if they walked out of class. We were asked to help encourage these students, so their voices could be heard.
Medientyp Case Study
Chief Creative Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Leitender Produktionsverantwortlicher
Executive Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Senior Copywriter
Art Director
Social Strategist

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