Tahaab Rais
Regional Head Of Planning at FP7
Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
TitelAs far as we go
BriefAlmosafer, a travel booking platform, wanted to remind the world of what Ramadan is all about: living together, harmoniously, as different nationalities, religions and races. At the core of the campaign was a touching film featuring a little girl who embarks on a great journey. She takes a plane on her own, accepting some dates from the stewardess as a reminder of home. At her destination, she takes a snow plough through a wintery terrain. And at last she arrives: to share her dates with Santa Claus. Ramadan meets Christmas.
Kampagne As far as we go
Werbende Almosafer
Marke Almosafer
PostedNovember 2019
Geschäftsbereich Reisebüros, Reiseführer
Story The world today is more divided that it has ever been. Even during Ramadan, a time of year that preaches humility, openness, togetherness, understanding and compassion, the world, in itself, doesn’t seize to put down its divides. It often remains a world of “us” vs “them”. Muslims celebrate Ramadan. The world doesn’t.Almosafer, a booking platform, made the generosity and inclusivity of Ramadan travel, representing what Ramadan is all about: living together, harmoniously, side-by-side as different nationalities, religions and races.We reminded Saudi Arabia, the region and the world, Muslims AND non-Muslims, that Ramadan was for everyone; a Ramadan message like never before, through the eyes of children from the region, who shared the joy of Ramadan with people and places that have potentially never celebrated Ramadan.Through the moving and compelling story, content and activations in Saudi Arabia, we improved Almosafer’s corporate reputation and bookings vs. market-leading brands.
Problem Almosafer is an online travel platform in Saudi Arabia. It competes with the international giants among online travel platforms like the globally renowned Booking.com. It also faces increasing competition from local platforms like Flyin.com.All travel platforms jostle for flight and hotel bookings (and market share), through persistent offers and price-offs. And because of deals and price-offs, Almosafer had shrunk to a smaller market share, among local brands, vs. Flyin.com (33.2% vs. 36.1%), and remained low vs. Booking.com (the market leader in Saudi Arabia).Saudis travel a lot during Ramadan and Eid. But, Almosafer hadn’t benefitted from that trend. Its bookings in Ramadan-2018 were the lowest since inception (only 28,665 flight and 31,323 hotel bookings).We needed to create an iconic Ramadan campaign, focusing on emotional meaningfulness, in a category full of rational benefits, with lower budgets than big brands that dominated media.
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