Kiddy Wang
Texter at Havas China
Shanghai, China
TitelBack-Van Gogh
BriefMany people associate Getty Images with only regular photographs. The challenge here was to remind them that Getty also provides 360 degree images. The result showed that some people are so famous you can even recognise them from behind.
Kampagne Getty Images 360
Werbende Getty Images
Marke Getty Images 360
PostedNovember 2018
Geschäftsbereich Fotographie
Story Demonstrate that you can find their backs you have never seen. In this case, the back sides of Vincent van Gogh, Albert Einstein and William.
Shakespeare were created as old photographs of their time. We didn't mention their names, but when people saw their back sides, their front sides will appear in people’s mind. We preferred realistic photographs of the well-known people to make the communication more compelling.
Problem Many people only associate Getty Images with just the normal photographs. As a new function, we need to tell them that we also provide 360 ° images
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