Marco Koeppel
Software-Entwicklung at Razorfish
Berlin, Deutschland
TitelAudi TT Brochure Hack
Kampagne Audi TT Brochure Hack
Werbende Audi
Marke Audi
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Sportwagen
Story An augmented touch-based experience: using conductive ink, the brochure becomes an interface, letting you explore Audi's new Virtual Cockpit. 
Philosophie The Audi TT brochure hack – an augmented touch based journey through the Virtual Cockpit. Using conductive print, a conventional brochure becomes a smart surface, letting you explore every aspect of the Virtual Cockpit. 
Problem The third generation of the Audi TT is the perfect combination of design and performance. It is the first model to feature a revolutionary digital display or "Virtual Cockpit" — the was main product point for the new model. Our task was to inspire customers with this futuristic feature and appeal to their progressive nature by giving them a premium innovative experience. The challenge was to do it with the conventional sales brochure — still the main touch point for millions of Audi buyers in the pre-sales process. 
Ergebnis This tech hack turned a static brochure into a magical storytelling platform. It got customers one-step closer to driving the New Audi TT by letting you feel the magic of the Virtual Cockpit for real, you could also book a test drive directly from your mobile. Based on the success of this project Audi plan to rollout this brochure feature to other Audi models that feature the Virtual Cockpit, such as the New Audi R8 and Q7. 
Medientyp Mobiles Werbung
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Stellvertretender Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director
Motion Design
Concept Developer
Junior Concept Developer
Project Management

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