Bruno Gralpois
Co-Founder & Principal at Agency Mania Solutions
Seattle, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Responsible Measures in Uncertain Times

23 March 2020
What actions should brand advertisers consider taking in these challenging times to make responsible use of their budget and agency resources?

Golden Globe Partnership Lessons

15 January 2020
What the 77th Golden Globe Awards taught us about business partnerships, collaboration, and loyalty.

Fixing Before Replacing

04 September 2019
The hidden costs and risks of replacing agency partnerships and bypassing the opportunity to fix what’s broken.

The Hidden Gem

12 July 2019
How relationship longevity contributes to quantifiable value for brand advertisers through more effective collaboration and institutional knowledge

Still Searching

24 April 2019
Top search consultants meet in LA looking for insight on the changing nature of the ad industry and its vibrant ecosystem of agencies.

Rethinking Agency Performance: The Value Index

09 April 2019
Indexing agency value to drive more effective use of talent, improving performance and ROI.

CMOs: What Should You Ask Yourself and Your Organization?

09 April 2019
Brand advertisers must constantly assess and reflect on the important role they play in managing their agency partnerships effectively and responsibly.

We Deserve Better!

20 March 2019
In the age of constant “mania,” advertisers and agencies simply deserve better ways to collaborate and successfully partner.

Ending the Traditional Pitch Mania

24 January 2019
Adopting smarter ways to conduct agency reviews and new business pitches.

Avoiding Deadly Scope of Work Traps

15 January 2019
Improving work quality, efficiency, and transparency, without falling into common scope of work traps that undermine marketing efforts.

The Marketing Diet

22 October 2018
Adopting healthy client/agency practices and relations to stay budget fit.


25 September 2018
The New Marketing Battlefront: Reducing Waste.

Agency Management: The New CMO Imperative

29 August 2018
How marketing leaders must build the right Agency Management competencies to enable their organization to do more.

Advertising’s M&A Battle is On

23 August 2018
An analysis of COMvergence data, which closely monitors M&A activity in the advertising sector, reveals the following emerging trends.

Reading the Early Signs of Trouble

18 June 2018
How to detect the early signs of inefficiencies in client/agency relationships. And what to do about it...before it’s too late.

"Alexa, Should I Have a Voice Marketing AOR?"

11 June 2018
How voice required new skills and agency competencies, and what brand advertisers are doing to take advantage of those.

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of the Fence?

31 May 2018
Demystifying the reasons behind the Campbell’s switch to Publicis from BBDO and how to prevent the excessive wave of agency reviews.

The Best Way For Advertisers To Realize Cost Efficiencies

09 May 2018
“Killing two birds with one stone,” or how advertisers can realize substantial gains by implementing rigorous scope of work AND briefing practices"

Give Me Space

02 April 2018
If advertisers are from Mars and agencies from Venus, how can they get along?

The Breakup – A Confidential Letter

09 February 2018
Valentine’s Day is near, a time for loved ones to celebrate the strength and beauty of their relationships. Although for many, it can be a sore reminder of failed relationships and painful break...

2018 Advertiser/Agency Predictions

03 January 2018
What should advertisers and their agencies expect from each other in 2018? Discover major trends that will inevitably rock your world.

Sick Of Being Sick

24 August 2017
How Madison Avenue got the flu, and what brand advertisers should do about it.

Your agency fees are burning too fast. Now what?

28 June 2017
How brand advertisers can make effective use of retainer fees without getting burned

Ready to Jump? How to Swim Through Highly Effective Agency QBRs Without Drowning

31 May 2017
A step-by-step approach to conducting Agency Quarterly Business Reviews that strengthen the work and improve collaboration.

If Only I Knew…

01 May 2017
How adding real-time feedback to annual agency evaluations reduces undesirable surprises and boosts long-term client/agency performance

Make The Logo Bigger!

26 April 2017
20 effective ways brand advertisers can master the art form of providing thoughtful, productive feedback to their agency partners during creative reviews.

What do great CMOs have in common?

25 April 2017
Great CMOs are amazing partnership builders. They create strong, long-lasting agency relationships that deliver unmatched work and results.

How to Handle the Heat of Agency Transitions

18 April 2017
How to conduct an effective, smooth and expedient agency transition … without getting burned in the process.

I love you. I love you not.

13 February 2017
Why advertisers and agencies should improve how they work together to maintain a healthy, loving and productive relationship.

Don’t work your “non-working too hard..

09 February 2017
Evolving how marketing executives think about managing their marketing budgets and driving fiscal accountability.

Less is More. More or Less.

01 February 2017
How brand advertisers can simplify roster management without significantly shrinking the number of agencies they work with.

Will You Conduct an Agency Review This Year?

01 January 2017
Industry data confirms a significant increase in roster changes and competitive reviews. Is the trend likely to continue in the years ahead? What are the implications for brand advertisers and their agencies?

No Longer Fly Blind With Your Agencies

25 December 2016
Discipline of Agency Management Increasingly More Data-Driven to Significantly Improve Efficiencies, Effectiveness and Ultimately Relationship Value

Le Divorce

17 August 2015
Committing to reciprocal feedback before making agency review de...