Brittany Peskind
Associate Producer at Flare BBDO
Chicago, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
TitelHow Do You Like Your Eggs?
Kampagne How Do You Like Your Eggs?
Werbende American Egg Board
Marke American Egg Board
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Nahrungsmittel
Story Americans love eggs but most people only eat them for breakfast. To get people eating more eggs, we had to get them thinking about eggs beyond breakfast.
So, we created our campaign around an age-old question from pop culture, "How do you like your eggs?" Each radio spot featured a different character whose answer to that question was a reflection of their persona.
Then we used radio bumpers to introduce listeners to new egg dishes by turning each bumper into an egg recipe that could be read in 4 seconds.
By reframing the answer to a question we've all been asked, we were able to showcase the infinite number of ways to enjoy eggs and inspire new egg eating occasions.
Medientyp Fernsehen
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Chief Creative Officer
Executive Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director
Associate Producer
Post Production Supervisor
Account Supervisor
Planning Director
Entrant Company
Idea Creation
Media Placement
Chief Creative Officer Andrés Ordóñez
Executive Creative Director Josh Gross
Executive Creative Director Pedro Pérez
Creative Director Dan McCormack
Creative Director Fernando Passos
Art Director Nick Sesto
Art Director Hansel Quintela
Copywriter Mark Price
Copywriter Colin O'Toole
Head of Production John Pratt
Associate Producer Brittany Peskind
N/A Studio Operations
Post Production Supervisor Becca Sita
Sound Designer/Mixer Sarah Krohn
Project Manager Gabrielle Granados
Account Director Liz Gruszkievicz
Account Supervisor Abby Bridgeo
Planning Director Ludwig Ortiz
Entrant Company ENERGY BBDO
Idea Creation ENERGY BBDO
Production FLARE BBDO
Production WAYS & MEANS
Media Placement STARCOM

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