Tim Shelley
Associate Digital Director at Leo Burnett Melbourne
Melbourne, Australien
TitelBonds 'Mash Up'
Kampagne Bonds 'Mash Up'
Werbende Hanes Brands Australasia
Marke Bonds
PostedNovember 2018
Geschäftsbereich Mode, Kleidung & Schuhe
Story As young millennial women are digitally focused and love sefl-expression and customisation, Bonds rethought the way they shopped for undies. Via film, social and online, users were driven to a Mash Up site where they could mash, mix and clash hundreds of styles. In fact they could instantly mix patterns by tapping anywhere on the screen. And of course they could shop their looks and share their creations on social channels.
Medientyp Interaktiv
Art Director
Agency Producer
Associate Digital Director
Group Account Director
Senior Account Manager
Produzent Digital
Music Negotiations

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