Carrie So

Carrie So

Account Director | Media Producer I Digital Innovation at Glassview
Paris, Frankreich


Driven by innovation & storytelling, I work between Paris & the APAC region. Entrepreneurial mindset with proven results for both business development and innovating multichannel products. I lead projects by producing and optimising relevant digital assets that enable brand & creators to bridge audiences and penetrate markets. Through algorithm, analytics and content-partnerships, I am able to ensure results.

Global mind set. Love finding out ideas, driving stories and conversations - understand what, when, why and how. Believe value on things are created rather than given. So any relevant interesting thoughts? Please, ping me! :)

"Our minds do not like random facts or objects and so they create their own stories to make sense of otherwise discrete, isolated events and items. We naturally and often subconsciously connect the dots. And dots connected in a stimulating way we call great stories" .

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