Moeinuk Sengupta
Creative Director at JWT
Kolkata Area, India, Indien
TitelShut Out Corona with #DoorsOfIndia
Kampagne Doors of India
Werbende Tata Steel
Marke Tata Pravesh
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Industrie
Philosophie Individuals are not adhering to the one overarching guideline of staying indoors to stay safe, blissfully unaware of the consequences of Corona. With the deadly virus knocking on our doors, it was imperative to drive awareness of the simple fact that when you Stay Home you Stay Safe, India had to be reminded that you are safe indoors. And who best to remind our countrymen than Tata Pravesh, a brand of steel doors from Tata Steel - a company whose steel built the nation and who has always kept the welfare of the nation and the well-being of our countrymen at the top of its agenda. A film for digital media was the perfect way to transmit the message. The challenge was how to get this done at a time when the entire world was behind closed doors, production houses included. Crowdsourcing was the only solution. The film was made with instagram and twitter posts by hundreds of Indians with the Tata Pravesh hashtag #DoorsOfIndia. These shots were combined with footage of closed doors sourced from the Wunderman Thompson team across 6 Indian cities. The film brings lockdown alive through hundreds of closed and locked down #DoorsOfIndia. It begins with shots of doors closing followed by a montage of closed doors from various geographies covering the entire expanse of this vast nation. The fast-paced montage is choreographed to a ‘homemade’ soundscape that is evidence of how Work From Home can give birth to truly ingenious solutions. An entire Indian classical music rhythm pattern was created not by using traditional Indian percussion but by using live sounds of doors being shut and sounds of latches, hinges, stoppers & locks, along with ambient street noises and dialogues. These sounds were sourced from across the country using #DoorsOfIndia. The film demonstrates how India is united in its fight against Corona, shutting all its doors to signify that when an entire country shuts its doors, it has the power to shut out Corona.
Medientyp Interaktiv
SVP, Managing Partner
Chief Creative Officer
VP, Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Direktor Kundenservice
Associate Producer
Associate Producer
Post production Assistant

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