Gabriela Gardini
Social Media Strategy at Wunderman Thompson
Buenos Aires, Argentinien
TitelThrough Your Eyes
Kampagne Through Your Eyes
Werbende INCUCAI
Marke INCUCAI x Sony Music
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Geschäftsbereich Blut-/Organspende
Philosophie To encourage corneas donations, Wunderman Thompson, a WPP agency, Sony, and the renowned Argentine musician Dante Spinetta created a video clip in collaboration with INCUCAI (Argentina´s best known NGO for organ donation). The video can only be seen on mobile devices if it is aimed at the eyes of another person. When you don't aim it directly at another person’s eyes, the images are blurred, and the person sees saturated colors and shadows. Through this technological and artistic innovation, Wunderman Thompson Argentina seeks to raise awareness of the difficulty faced by those awaiting a corneal transplant and the importance of donating. Using the hashtag #XTUSOJOS, Wunderman Thompson Argentina designed and developed the project, in collaboration with Tokyyto who designed exclusive Instagram filters. This artist created the world's most used filters in social networks, and he decided to take part in the initiative so that all those who wish to support the dissemination of the message can upload their stories using these visual adaptations.
Medientyp Musikvideos
Mehr Informationen
Regional Chief Creative Officer
Regional Chief Creative Officer
Creative Director
Creative Director
Art Director
Social Media Strategy
Direktor Technologie
Technische Leitung
Project Manager Lead
Qa Team
Qa Team
Communications Director
Public Relations
Public Relations
Digital Marketing Director
PR Agency
PR Director
PR Account Director
Executive Producer
Filter Design
Social Media Agentur

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