Juan Manuel Prieto Moreno
Creative Director at Sancho BBDO
Bogotá, Kolumbien
TitelBooks Don't Repeat Cast - Colsubsidio library
Werbende Colsubsidio
Marke Colsubsidio
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Story People prefer to watch movies inspired by a book instead of reading the book. This fact generates a lack of imagination because when you read the book, after seeing the movie, you imagine the character from the movie. But books have something that movies can´t offer you: they don´t repeat cast. Because Willy Wonka isn’t The Mad Hatter, Bella isn´t Hermione, and Achilles isn´t Tyler Durden. That´s why a book is way much better than a movie. Because Books Don't Repeat Cast.
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Creative Director

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