Raymund Sison
Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Propel Manila
Manila, Philippinen
TitelBottle Light
Kampagne Bottle Light
Werbende PepsiCo Inc.
Marke Pepsi
PostedNovember 2012
Geschäftsbereich Soft Drinks, Tonics
Story Pepsi, together with relevant local governments and MyShelter Foundation, turned old plastic bottles into instruments of change. Creating low-cost, carbon-free bottle lights that refract sunlight into a 55W light source. To spread the project, Pepsi helped establish a center to train volunteers and educate companies, schools and people on how to install the lights. A model community was established to demonstrate the value and scalability of the project. Community engagement was magnified online and via events such as mass runs that collected used bottles to be recycled for the project. 
It has gathered over 10,000 volunteers, installed over 20,000 bulbs and brightened over 46,666 lives. The project was named ‘Best of the Best’ at the 2012 PepsiCo AMEA Global Performance with Purpose Awards in competition with 16 other shortlisted projects across the entire PepsiCo system. It also gained the support of the Philippine government and was specially commended at the 2011 World Climate Conference. It was covered by BBC, NHK and other networks, and presented at TED X in Dubai and Mumbai. The project is now being spread in Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mumbai and Colombia.
Problem Teens in the Philippines rate environmental concerns as their No. 1 social issue. To address this, Pepsi has a long-running activation campaign under the banner ‘Sarap Magbago’ (Change Tastes Good). Since it has less to spend on corporate image compared to its main competitor, it needs to be seen by its existing target base, the youth, as a genuine innovator in environmental and social issues. The strategy was to partner with a community-based charity with a uniquely appropriate solution to the pressing problem of houses with no access to light. 
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