Raymund Sison
Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Propel Manila
Manila, Philippinen
TitelLove Is All We Need
Werbende N/A
Datum der ersten Ausstrahlung/Veröffentlichung
Story LAGABLAB Network, the largest coalition of LGBT organization in the Philippines, has been fighting for the SOGIE Equality Bill the past 19 years. The enemy: Lawmakers who show loud hate for LGBT. It's been 19 years of fighting with the enemy
with almost zero progress. Until data led us to a lightbulb moment: The more we attack the lawmakers, the more they oppose our plea. So Lagablab Network decided to fight differently this time. Not with the usual attacks, aggression and antagonism. They started talking to Senators who hate, with words that love. Rallying Filipinos in one united cry: Love Is All We Need.

On the President’s State of the Nation Address, the biggest political gathering in the country, the Senators were in for a big surprise, their social media accounts were exploding with love, in the form of letters, tweets, stories, and posts.
Inspiring thousands upon thousands of citizens of the Philippines to come up with their own love letters sent straight to their senators.
Medientyp Social Media
Chief Creative Officer

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