Jacobo Perez del Pulgar

Jacobo Perez del Pulgar

Innovation Director at PS21
Madrid, Spanien


Ad nerd, tech lover & reading addict. Over 15 years working at the bridge between technology, business, trends & creativity. I've designed experiences, products, services and campaigns for several companies such as Google, Nike, Tanqueray, Jose Cuervo, SAP, DIESEL, KFC, Reebok, Movistar, Domino’s Pizza, Mahou San Miguel or SONY at Europe, USA & LATAM.

Lecturer & speaker focused on innovation, creative marketing, digital strategy, design thinking& content at academies & universities as Miami Ad School, TAG, IED, Zink, INESDI or Neoland.

+20 International marketing & creative awards: Cannes Lions, Eurobest, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, NY Advertising Festival, WARC Awards, Best Awards, EPICA, The Drum Awards, El Sol, FIAP, EFFIE México, Premios Eficacia, IAB Inspirational, Genio, Reebok European Creativity Awards, One Show, CRESTA AWARDS.


Innovation Director
Madrid, Spanien
October 2018 - Derzeit hier (5 Jahre 8 Monate)
Working with marketing, strategy, design and creativity crews, I lead, facilitate and develop end-to-end solutions (internal and external) of strategic design, digital transformation, product & service design, comms & experience supported by cultural trends and empowered by technology.I'm also leading VoiceXLab, a community focused on the research of the technological and business possibilities offered by the new wave of conversational design and intelligent virtual assistants.
Head of Creative Innovation
September 2017 - September 2018 (1 Jahr)
Transforming cultural trends into creative innovation. dommo is an agency with independent ideas that grows companies by building a deep relationship between people and brands as KFC, JustEat, Alfa Romeo, Marca, El Mundo, J&B, Reebok or Tanqueray.
Innovation & Business Director
Madrid, Spanien
September 2017 - September 2018 (1 Jahr)
NOW/ is a Culture Driven Innovation & Strategy Firm. We work across the product lifecycle helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, brands and business to envision, frame, design, accelerate & reinvent their business transforming cultural trends into innovative brands, products, services, ventures & brand utilities.
Co-founder & Innovation Creative Director
January 2015 - August 2017 (2 Jahre 7 Monate)
TRAMUNTANA is an innovation studio lead by Jacobo P. Rodés & Noel G. Tantinyà and made by a pool of designers, creatives, engineers and business developers that work together to craft every project with the right talent.Our ethos is what we call Human Centered Creative Innovation. We develop innovative and human centered brand solutions by observing people, analyzing their problems and necessities in order to find the most creative solution, always exploring how technology could exponentiate it.We work with brands, startups and other professionals who want to push their ideas and products forward.Clients: Google, Banco Azteca, Weex, mcgarrybowen, Foo Studio, Mirum, Circus LA, FCB Mayo, Social Noise, Miami ad School, Academia de Creatividad Mexicana.
Co-founder & Creative Transformation Director
ELEMENTAL | Good Technology Firm
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
April 2016 - June 2017 (1 Jahr 2 Monate)
ELEMENTAL is a Good Technology firm.
We create products and design solutions based on Good Technology.

Highly effective technologies are often not turned into commercial products or marketed effectually to become mass-adopted solutions. ELEMENTAL matches these technologies with specific human needs to create consumer-friendly products that truly improve people's lives.

The Creative Transformation Director leads & manages the lab & product design business area, supports Sales and marketing team and is the Brand Guardian of ELEMENTAL’s DNA & massive transformative purpose.
Innovation Creative Director
Flock Advertising
June 2013 - January 2015 (1 Jahr 7 Monate)
Flock is an independent Innovation Agency based in Mexico City.
Its business is divided in four different levels of activity due to client needs: innovation in business / Innovation in Communication / Digital Innovation.
I was Creative Director at Flock managing New Business, Up-selling and special projects. Working for Google, Domino's Pizza, PlayStation, SONY, Nike, Grupo José Cuervo, Walmart, Cinépolis, Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Line, Telmex, American Express... and New Business. see less
Executive Creative Director - México
Madrid, Spanien
April 2009 - June 2013 (4 Jahre 2 Monate)
Executive Creative Director - México
Key Member of the team chosen for the launch of the agency at LATAM. Lead of the strategic and creative business development.

New accounts achieved: Movistar, PUMA, Campus Party, Mercedes & Colgate

Executive Creative Director, Partner & Board Member Sep 2009 – Jun 2013
ECD and partner at Social Noise, a Digital Communication and Marketing Agency specializing in social media, based in Madrid, London, Milano, and Mexico City.

I developed and led a team of 20 creatives managing current clients & new business.
Also I was key top manager partner of Mahou-San Miguel account and top manager of Barcelona and Milano business.

Key Clients: Nike, Pepsi, Grupo Mahou - San Miguel, Movistar, Ausonia, Durex, Desigual, eDreams, DIESEL, 20th Century Fox, Universal Music, FNAC, L'Orèal, bwin, Save The Children, RHM, Red Bull, Microsoft, Camper…

Creative Business Development Director Apr 2009 – Jan 2010
Leading business development, both creative and commercial at Social Noise, the first social media agency in Spain.
Growing a 10 people garage-agency to a 100 market leader agency.



2008 (1 Jahr)


2002 - 2007 (5 Jahre)

Weitere berufliche Aktivitäten

Miscelaneous institutions

Creative Speaker | Lecturer
2011 - Derzeit hier (13 Jahre 5 Monate)
Teaching is the best way to keep learning so I spend some of my time developing & teaching courses at creativity schools, agencies and universities as CyberLions Cannes in Mexico, Miami Ad School, The College of Everything, Academia Mexicana de la Creatividad, FOX Sports, BNN, Digital Invaders, Universidad de San Luis Potosí, ... I also enjoy inspiring young talent in their journey in a road of a new kind of advertising, so I’ve join as speaker at several events & congresses as Campus Party, Foro UMBRAL, Miami Ad School, Marketing MEX Acapulco, Digital Invaders, C.Nacional de Mk de P.Vallarta, IED Madrid Main Subjects: Human Centered Creative Innovation, Technocreativity, Futurism, Mobile, Digital Adverstising & Crossmedia Storytelling. Some Top talks: - Human Centered Creative Innovation - Vive MKT | TIJUANA | ABR16 - FOX Sports | Masterclass & Workshop | DF | OCT15 - Marketing MEX15 | ACAPULCO | APR15 - Campus Party 2015 | GUADALAJARA | JUL15 - Foro UMBRAL | SAN LUÍS POTOSÍ | OCT15 - Creative Way Of Life | The College of Everything | MADRID | SEP11 - Non advertising creative thinking | C.Nacional de Mk de P.Vallarta | PUERTO VALLARTA | JUN14 - New Ways of Thinking | Miami Ad School | MÉXICO DF | MAY14 Featured Talks: - Creative Way Of Life - Non advertising creative thinking - No Digital Era - Mobile & Mobility - It's a mobile world Other Creative Events: - Look For Book | Digital Invaders | Speaker & Portfolio Revision | MÉXICO DF - Design Your Brand Utility Workshop | Marketing MEX15 | ACAPULCO | APR15 Jury: - Circulo Creativo 2015 | Cyber Young Lions

Academia Mexicana de Creatividad

Lecturer & Mentor
2014 - 2016 (2 Jahre)
HUMAN CENTERED CREATIVE INNOVATION | Human Centered Creative Innovation. A course to understand our ethos, exploring the values and thoughts around how a brand can be relevant today, thinking in its publics more than in its sales. What are the do’s and dont’s to be a love brand using the rules of Brand Utility? NO DIGITAL ERA | There is no more “on and offline”. Digital is not about technology, is about behaviour. A course to understand creativity and advertising based on innovation. DIGITAL THINKING | Understanding a connected world. From ENIAC to Smart Cities, connecting computers, people, things and everything. CONNECTED THINGS | WORKSHOP | Speculative Creativity designing connected things

Miami Ad School

2013 - 2016 (3 Jahre)
FROM STUDENT TO PROFESSIONAL | 2015 & 2016 | A new format class where the professor is the creative director and the students are the junior professionals. Subjects and exams change for real briefs, real clients and real deadlines . Welcome to the real world IT'S A MOBILE WORLD | QUARTER | 2013 & 2015 | Focusing on creativity applied to mobile, 2nd screen, cross-media, wearable technology, geo-marketing, mobile commerce and new trends in digital screens DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS | QUARTER | Crossmedia creative thinking in a Connected world empowered by technology SOCIAL MEDIA | QUARTER | MASTERCLASS | New ways of thinking, non-advertising creativity NO DIGITAL ERA | MAS PRO | There is no more “on and offline”. Digital is not about technology, is about behaviour. A course to understand creativity and advertising based on innovation THINGS FROM THE FUTURE | WORKSHOP | An imagination game that challenges players to collaboratively and competitively describe objects from a range of alternative futures

PHNX Tribute 2020

Awards Jury Member

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