Nelson Sanchez

Nelson Sanchez

Creative Director - Colombia at Proximity Colombia BBDO
Bogota, Kolumbien


Creative. Not out of cliché, but for constantly brainstorming ideas for anything, seeing potential in a news article or a bad movie. A designer by trade, but passionate about writing, and now venturing into strategy. Digital, not to follow trends, but because I started with UI/UX, Inbound Marketing, and then got hooked on the metaverse, now onto AI, and tomorrow, who knows.

Naturally curious and inquisitive. Since Google and AI answer everything, no question keeps me up at night. A professional listener of stories and a conversationalist by hobby with anyone who crosses my path. With constancy and discipline as my mantra. Rational, reflective, and a 24/7 analyzer of everything happening around, be it a mosquito or a metaphysical problem.

I studied Digital Design, learned about web, design, animation, and creativity, immersed myself in advertising, and fell in love with ideas, content, websites, and apps. I studied Art Direction and Programming and 3D. I started in marketing, created landings, advertising, and strategies. I got back into 3D and animation because I don't like to fall behind. Now I'm studying Planning to strengthen my thought process further. But I love writing and enjoy being a copywriter because everything starts with words.

I'd like to be a geek, but it's not my thing, although I'm addicted to gadget trends. Addicted to webinars, workshops, speaks, podcasts, and similar things, and whatever new comes out. Now I've become a data hunter, seeking insights, figures, and advertising, marketing, art, tech, and everything from how to cook rice to how to build a spaceship.

At the end of the day, I enjoy the little things in life. A lover of striving to be damn good at what he does, romantic about the advertising of the 90s, and a guy who aims to be damn good at what he does.


Creative Director
Bogotá, Kolumbien
2023 - Derzeit hier (1 Jahr 4 Monate)

Challenged to put into practice everything learned since university. Giving equal importance to my personal skills and those of an entire team. Once again, feeling that there's still much to learn, pushing myself to reinvent once more. Learning and getting involved in planning and strategy, and feeling that my creative thinking takes on another dimension with this.

Valuing more than ever all the trajectory I've had, from the "bakery" I started to the approved global campaigns, everything is useful. Learning a lot about seeing creativity as one aspect in a campaign and not the sole purpose, valuing data, technology, planning, implementation, and execution more than ever.
Senior Art Director
Bogotá, Kolumbien
January 2023 - August 2023 (7 Monate)

Putting myself to the test for regional and global campaigns. Harnessing and leveraging all creativity with digital tools. Revisiting the skills from my early years of work with all the creativity I had been learning. Having the feeling of having no limits, discovering that there was more ambition than before, thinking about huge campaigns while staying grounded in the day-to-day tasks. Reaping the rewards of everything done before, but still feeling like there's so much more to learn. Confirming that I had skills as a copywriter, now learning about Creative Direction, having a strategic mindset in addition to the creative one, grounding ideas with real data and insights rather than just imagined ones.

The opportunity to lead a regional team. Being part of the Cono Sur team for Coca-Cola and all its brands in each country, conceptualizing digital and content campaigns with a huge team, understanding the importance of Data, Social & Listening, Growth, and global guidelines. Maintaining the hunger for pitches and tenders, remaining just as curious and involved in agency projects and other teams.

Key clients: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola company brands in LATAM, Unilever, Nestlé.
Art Director
Buentipo Anchor
2020 - 2023 (3 Jahre)

Falling in love with creativity and feeling like I was finally on the side of advertising that I enjoy the most. Enhancing this with the digital foundations I brought from university. Leveraging other skills that had always been there, learning to write, thinking about what I would put in the manifesto while creating the key visual. Creating a campaign from scratch and all the big picture that entails, finally considering both ATL and BTL media in addition to Digital and Social Media.

Reigniting my competitive spirit, being challenged, trying, failing, repeating, until satisfied. Feeling like the bar was set higher each day and wanting to keep improving further. Honing art direction skills and learning a lot about creativity, also flirting with strategy and feeling like there was something more there. I studied various things, but undoubtedly, the rigor of tenders and major campaigns is still the best school.

Key clients:
Wingo, Visa Colombia, Avantel, Banco Falabella, Familia, NBC Universal, Under Armour, Colmédica, McKinsey & Company, Lotería de Medellín, WOM, Columbia Sportswear, Previsora Seguros, Credibanco, Carros más seguros .org.
UI/UX DesignerUI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer
2017 - 2019 (2 Jahre)

Aprender de UI/UX por montones, pero sobre todo, desarrollar habilidades personales, la importancia de la comunicación, liderar un proyecto, pensar por la agencia y en el cliente, el bienestar de un equipo y el crecimiento personal paralelo al laboral. También descubrir que en este mundo digital había algo que me movía aún más, la creatividad y la publicidad tradicional.

Pude desarrollar más 50 sitios web para PyMEs, creados de ceros, desde el mapa de navegación y prototipos hasta aplaudir al verlo online, me convertí en el mobile first más riguroso, y trabajé de la mano con un equipo de desarrolladores, fundamentales para que los diseños lindos funcionaran. Paralelo hice piezas para social media, pauta, cuadros de materiales, contenidos y lo que hoy llaman panadería, en ese momento me dio las mejores bases.

Clientes destacados: Arturo Calle, Metlife, Muebles & Accesorios, Avena Cubana, Organización Solarte, Grupo Bancolombia, Seguros Médicos Internacionales, Rossina Bossio, Schulthess & Son, Ezgo, Amwaj, Efímera Lab entre otros.

Estuve a cargo del UI / UX de los proyectos web de la agencia con más de 30 sitios web creados desde mapa de navegación y prototipos, con más de 15 ajustes y diseños mobile para websites ya existente, siempre en conjunto con un equipo de desarrolladores. Paralelo a piezas para social media y pauta para clientes de múltiples categorías y modelos de negocio.

Clientes destacados: Arturo Calle, Metlife, Muebles & Accesorios, Avena Cubana, Organización Solarte, Grupo Bancolombia, Seguros Médicos Internacionales, Rossina Bossio, Schulthess & Son, Ezgo, Amwaj, Efímera Lab entre otros.

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