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The culture at Anomaly is intoxicating – very driven, entrepreneurial and highly meritocratic. weiterlesen

SPONSORSHIP, SPONSORSHIP, SPONSORSHIP – I commit to actively seeking and ‘pulling up’ women throughout my organization. weiterlesen

The industry is still a good ol’ boys club but women are beginning to break through the glass ceiling. weiterlesen

At The&Partnership, we’re proud to say 46% of our senior management positions are held by women. weiterlesen

My biggest reward would be not to hear about equality anymore as that would mean equal treatment is established as a given. weiterlesen

Since I joined Huge 10 years ago, they have employed some of the strongest, well-respected female leadership I’ve ever encountered. weiterlesen

We need to support one another, especially the up-and-coming women around us. weiterlesen

Christine Gratton from Big Spaceship has recently been featured in the AdWeek's Creative 100. weiterlesen

"Turns out, I was flying off to a corn field, because as punishment, my dad signed me up to detassle corn." weiterlesen

"This work empowers the next generation and that’s great, but why do we have to diminish women to girls to make them palatable?" weiterlesen

"Role models in higher-up agency positions should do their best to be visible and engaging to millennials and Gen-Zers." weiterlesen

"As we begin to see more diversity at the higher levels, we also see representation in the work itself." weiterlesen

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