Retail Mania: A close look at modern retail marketing

We examine some innovative retail campaigns that reflect the modern customer experience.

von India Fizer , AdForum

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, we take a look at the repositioning of retail marketing to zero in on more meaningful shopping experiences, reflecting a shift in the way consumers engage with brands and how they choose who to shop with. 

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Definition 6 "Claire's: Fashioning a Brand New Digital Experience"

Atlanta, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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Popular teen retailer Claire’s recently underwent a global brand overhaul.  Claire’s has long since been the go-to for ear piercings, fun accessories, and more, but the brand needed a way to appeal to a generation of digital natives. Customer experience agency Definition 6 reimagined a new digital experience for the brand, creating a more modern and intuitive site.


The site pushed the boundaries of eCommerce and seamlessly integrated the in-store experience to create a more cohesive customer journey. Launching in time for the holidays, the site supported the brand’s largest marketing push to date, and welcomed consumers to a new world of Claire‘s. The experience has yielded a 25% increase in revenue and a 50% increase in clicks.


David&Goliath "Jollibee Irresisble Billboards"

Werbung/Full Service/ Integriert
El Segundo, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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This year, we’ve seen a lot of great OOH activations, but this one from David&Goliath for Jollibee takes the cake. Buckets of Jollibee’s World-Famous Chickenjoy appeared on electronic billboards next to supermodels promoting watches and perfume in the heart of Times Square, where its flagship restaurant was recently opened. At first glance it looks like your standard electronic billboard…until the model can’t resist taking a bite of the juicy chicken tempting them from below! It’s an ad within an ad, and quite a clever one at that.



Ogilvy UK "Episode 1: Dining Room"

Ogilvy UK
Werbung/Full Service/ Integriert
London, Großbritannien
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UK based retailer Argos takes an innovative approach to understanding customers’ relationship to interior design. Argos' data shows grey has become one of the most popular sofa colors in recent years, but how many of us can actually say grey is our favorite color? Teaming up with Ogilvy UK and interior designer Siobhan Murphy, Argos created a campaign that utilizes the latest AI emotion-tracking technology. A real family is placed in a giant cube filled with products from Argos, as the AI and the team monitor how the family emotionally responds to the hundreds of latest products they are exposed to. Through a series of eight-minute YouTube films, the campaign aims to get the customer thinking outside of the neutral color palettes people tend to stick to when decorating their homes, and shop based on the styles and colors that actually reflect the customers’ personalities.


Wunderman Thompson Thailand "KFC Basket the Bucket"

Wunderman Thompson
Werbung/Full Service/ Integriert
Bangkok, Thailand
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Gifting Baskets is a popular tradition during the festive season in Thailand and is a symbolic well-wishing gesture. One common issue though is that the contents are often left unwanted and discarded. To curb this, KFC Thailand partnered with their newly-appointed creative agency, Wunderman Thompson Thailand to create Basket the Bucket, resulting in a hilarious new campaign. The limited-edition KFC Bucket Basket is locally sourced and created by local craftsmen, with the basket perfectly fitting the famous KFC bucket inside.


Rankin Creative "Lego: 90 Years of Play"

Marketing Services
London, Großbritannien
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Beloved toy brand Lego celebrated its 90th anniversary with a fun OOH campaign from RANKIN Creative. The campaign was shot by acclaimed photographer Rankin and features portraits of life-long Lego lovers depicting how long each participant has been a fan of the brand. Proving that play is ageless, the campaign included 90 people ranging in experience from 1-90 years of play.