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Bruno Gralpois
von Bruno Gralpois on  4 September 2019
The hidden costs and risks of replacing agency partnerships and bypassing the opportunity to fix what’s broken.  weiterlesen

Bruno Gralpois
von Bruno Gralpois on  2 April 2018
If advertisers are from Mars and agencies from Venus, how can they get along? weiterlesen

Bruno Gralpois
von Bruno Gralpois on  9 February 2018
Valentine’s Day is near, a time for loved ones to celebrate the strength and beauty of their relationships. Although for many, it can be a sore reminder of failed relationships and painful break... weiterlesen

Bruno Gralpois
von Bruno Gralpois on 24 August 2017
How Madison Avenue got the flu, and what brand advertisers should do about it. weiterlesen

on 27 July 2017
How adding real-time feedback to annual agency evaluations reduces undesirable surprises and boosts long-term client/agency performance  weiterlesen

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