When elections go digital

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, the digital world is having an impact on how citizens vote.

von Mark Tungate , Adforum

As you’re no doubt aware, a rather important election is just around the corner. There’s been a lot of controversy about postal voting, but elections around the world are also being reshaped by the digital era.

Possibly the most powerful piece of work to emerge during the run-up the US elections is this one from McCann Healthcare. “The Unfinished Votes” urges people to vote for the side that favours more gun control. And it does so in a heart-breaking way.

A visual effect was used in a more humorous fashion in Israel, where Leo Burnett and a charity for the hearing-impaired wanted to make the elections there more accessible.

Let’s go to India, where the elections took place back in April 2019. In the precedent elections, in 2014, not enough people turned out to vote. So DDB Mudra and McDonald’s India launched a campaign demonstrating that the power to choose is an important one – especially if it’s taken away.

Staying with the fast food sector, here’s a fun idea for Burger King from the Westerdal’s School of Communication in Norway. Since many Americans seem to be unhappy with the way the country is going, why not propose a candidate who’s certain to make them feel good?

America has never seemed more divided. But for Europeans, there’s another divided country closer to home. Belgium. That’s right – Belgium is divided both politically and linguistically. A few months back, when people could still get together on café terraces, Belgian beer Leffe and its agency BBDO came up with an ambitious way of allowing both sides to sit down for a friendly discussion.

Does anybody really trust politicians? In case you have any doubts about a candidate, there’s an app for that. At least, there was in Brazil for the 2018 elections, where technology was deployed to expose potentially corrupt politicians. Simply point your phone or click on an image of their face – and their record appears. A project from Grey Brazil and a reputation monitoring company.

There are still some weeks to go until the US elections – and we’ve already seen that in the current period anything can happen. We’ll see you on the other side.