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About The Region
There are all possible architectural styles in Hungary, they easily double other Europian citie’s, famous landmarks.


non union, experienced, english speaking.

You’ll find the widestvariety of cast, with all ethnicity represented.


crew – non union, experienced, english speaking, etc…

Crews are very experienced in their field and they communicate well in English. They also have a reputation for having a good attitude and flexible working practices as well as accomplished technical skills. There are no unions, crews mainly work as a freelance and they are hired for the given job by the Hungarian production service company/co-producer. 


All the major equipments are available, including Arri (Alexa as well), Phantom, Red and Panavision. There are technocrane, fighthead, 3D beam splitter, motion controll, drones, etc. In addition to regionally available equipment, driving in equipment from other European countries is common practice. (There are no customs within EU countries). 


New Business

Zsofia Kende
Executive Producer
Telefon: (+36) 30 738 7370


Zsofia Kende
Executive Producer
Telefon: (+36) 30 738 7370
Tibor Gedő
Managing Director
Tibor Komlós
Bidding Producer
Telefon: (+36) 30 571 0011
Anikó Kovács
Production Accountant
Anikó Nánási
Production Coordinator
Kata Tóth
Production Coordinator
Location Scouter